Let's play another round of "stupid things my Narc said"

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May 26 - 1PM
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these quotes

..are priceless. I received this one yesterday--- "I want to end this winless conversation." Very Charlie Sheen-like
May 26 - 11AM
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I don't give any creedence to

I don't give any creedence to anything ExNH said, and truthfully don't think about his ramblings too much because none of them made sense to begin with.. But for humor purposes, This is back in the day when sheer stupidity took over and we were attempting to negotiate a 3rd reconciliation. Me: I love and care for you very much and just need you to reciprocate Him: I love you too and I want to reciprocate Me: Perhaps spend some quiet time alone developing a viable plan for our family. Him: Okay I will develop plan. Since you won't let me lick you, play with yourself and think of me Me: That is your viable plan??? Him: That is the viable plan for this morning 2 hours later caught him out to lunch with OW Always about sex, always..countless serious conversations I attempted to have with Narc always turned to SEX, SEX and SEX. He doesn't have the ability to do anything else. Yes, sex is important in a relationship- but it is only one component.
May 27 - 7AM (Reply to #100)
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OMG that sounds just like something my Narc would say. I'm sitting at work laughing my ass off! Him: Okay I will develop plan. Since you won't let me lick you, play with yourself and think of me Me: That is your viable plan??? Him: That is the viable plan for this morning Are all Narcs sex crazed maniac perverts??? EVERY conversation turned into a conversation about SEX! Great viable plan you Narc idiot! :)
Jul 29 - 4PM (Reply to #102)
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I wish mine talked about sex

He'd "tut-tut" at the mere mention of anything I wanted to try or experiment with. It was like being with an old washerwoman. He'd withhold sex a lot, usually if I initiated it.
May 27 - 8PM (Reply to #101)
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I really think they are all

I really think they are all the same man!
May 26 - 11AM
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Narc: I am not narcissistic like you said, I took the survey, I only scored 2 out of 5, my therapist said I was Histrionic. (2 weeks pass, another conversation: Me: You sexualize everything and lie about everything, being Histrionic... Narc: Don't call me names to use against me Me: I didn't call you that, you used the term and I am saying what you told me you are... Buahahahah (I am sure there are many other funny lines but I can't think of any right now because I seemed to have blocked them from my mind. Every now and then they creep up like a Vietnam flashback or something!)
Sep 29 - 7AM (Reply to #98)
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May 26 - 10AM
iwill recover
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Stupid and Strange things he said while we were together

"I need someone who knows what I want and need without me having to ask" "Why can't you orgasms by my just touching your breasts. My ex-girlfriend could" "I can't just let you into my life" This was after supposedly exclusive dating for four months. ""You're the perfect height" One time after making out with me. This is the first thing out of his mouth. "I need to know a woman on a spiritual and psychic level, before I'm interested in know facts about her or her life" He said this when I asked him why he rarely asked me questions about himself "You talk too much. You should work on you nervous personality" "I don't like listening to music with words in the song. If they have words, I prefer them to be repeated over and over. Like a chant." "You don't understand me" He said this a lot. One particular time he complained this when he was trying to describe some type of skin product he wanted from the store.
May 21 - 10AM
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Stupid stuff he said to hurt me...

He prefers blue eyes because they are more interesting not not as common as brown eyes - I have hazel eyes, but he was referring to my eyes. He preferred any color hair other than my current cut or color. He hated freckles - I have a slew of them, so does my son. He told me to flash him one day, so I did. He took me in and coolly said, "you need a tan stomach." It was winter. He told me about all of the women he worked with and how awesome they all were because this one was mart, this one was funny, this one had energy, this one was a hard worker - all the while letting me know I did not measure up.I was never good enough, and he needed constant reassurance that he was fit, good looking, and looked younger than his years. That's were the OW came in. she made him look good and feel good when I had nothing left to give because he had taken it all and crushed my soul. I was so lonely, unloved, and devoid of life. I couldn"t be around anyone who used to know me because I knew I was no longer me. Ached in my heart and throat for years because I had so much love to give but he shut me out and smushed my self-esteem. After I left he said you are the most beautiful woman I have ever known both inside and out! What? He spent years convincing me the opposite was true. Now, I am a liar and I am selfish, which couldn't be further from the truth. I am having a hard time not hating him right now.
Jul 29 - 4PM (Reply to #95)
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Sounds like mine

Always mentioning other females in his life, past and present, and made sure to emphasize how "smoking hot" they were.
May 21 - 8AM
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Weird thing my Narc said...

We were talking about grocery shopping one time. He said when he was married, that was his job. He really enjoyed shopping, cutting coupons, etc. He said, "You know, when you are the one who gets the food, you have a lot of control as to what goes on in your household". Holy Crap....was that not a clue as to how controlling he is????
May 18 - 3AM
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He used to always say 'Im not

He used to always say 'Im not racist I hate everyone'. I think what he was really saying was I hate myself.
May 16 - 7PM
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You won't believe this one... !

After almost 2 years recovering from idiot narc who crushed my heart and soul and left me almost suicidal, he sees things I'm doing on FB and from my lack of initiated contact with him that I am indeed starting to move on. I've been busy trying to get my professional life in order which has been taking up a lot of my time and energy. He sends an email the other day to ask if I would like to help him 'document his life' by setting up a website for him to post pictures, stories, news, creative things that HE is doing - this he said could be done in my 'spare' time because he couldn't offer to pay me what the work would be worth, but that there might be a 'little' money in it... OMG!! (He knows I have no income right now since he has basically abandoned the business we started together and that I am struggling and in debt). I've just spent all this time trying to forget about him and stop thinking about him so I could focus on what I need to do for myself, and he thinks I would want to know all of his business and help document his travels while he's off gallivanting with new supply and an exciting life (which is of course has not suffered the way mine has)?! If I had any doubt left of him being a narc, that email helped wipe it out. I think it may very well have just been a hoover test to see how much I would still do for him - or want to do for him. The entitled nerve of him to even think of such a request to ask of me... I said "NO" by the way :)

Journey on...

May 16 - 7PM (Reply to #90)
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Thanks for the Laugh. Seriously!!! They really never go away. I miss you :) Hunter
May 16 - 7PM (Reply to #91)
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LOL - I laughed too :)

I miss you too Hunter, I am not gone anywhere, just been real busy. I tell you, when I read his email I was kind of stunned by it... took awhile to process before responding (which I did the next day), but when I told my three best girlfriends we all had quite a laugh at the audacity of it. Oh, I just can't think of anything I'd rather do in my 'spare' time - LOL!!!!!

Journey on...

May 13 - 7PM
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My daughter who was involved with a N, is in a play! He went last Saturday to see her perform. I am proud of her because she has be NC for 30 days. She ignored him when he went to see the musical (I must tell you he went with a beautiful girl that he had a crush on before my daughter). At 2am he texted my daughter and told her she was amazing and he was TOTALLY IMPRESSED WITH HER CARTWHEELS! OMG OMG CARTWHEELS! She impressed him with her cartwheels-okay so not the 8 months she spent loving him....hmmmm the FREAKING CARTWHEELS!!!! WOW! They REALLY ARE FREAKING IDIOTS...thanks always for listening! Hugs to you all` Wisdom
May 13 - 6PM
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Just yesterday (I know, I'm

Just yesterday (I know, I'm supposed to be on NC.. long story for another topic) he sent me a text saying that he thinks men view me as a sex object and don't respect me. Weird thing is, he has no idea how I interact with other men, or my friends. We don't have any mutual friends at this point, so how he has been blessed with this knowledge that men think I'm an object, I don't know. I responded that I think he's just projecting his true opinion of me onto other people. After a long pause, he responded, "I think that's very insightful of you to say, but I think it's more about me knowing that no one could ever love you the way I did." Err... weird.
May 13 - 9AM
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Recent and Dumb Comments

In speaking with Narc, who totally makes believe we never even existed, any time I say anything like, "Oh, I didn't know you did that." (or liked that or whatever it is I say), he sort of says in a low, creepy, faux sexy voice, "There's a lot about me that you don't know." Yeah, he's got that right. Along the same vein...one day I said, "Well, I am not really sure how to approach that because you used to always...." and whatever the "always" could be, he now replies, "Well, that guy is gone now. Forget about that guy!" Almost like admitting that was a different person (the way he used to be), and here is who he is now. Freaky as hell, for sure!
May 18 - 7PM (Reply to #86)
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Weird,my narc said to me one day at the checkout line, out of the blue,'they are lots of things you don't know about me,' I piped out well go ahead and tell me and he said nothing more, these guys hold some dark secrets within their tormented souls............
May 12 - 4PM
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Stupid things they do! Wearing panties

Mine called women's panties hats before we met. First time together he wore my panties on his head while making love. Toward the end, I found a song he wrote about wearing a woman's panties as a hat in the back seat of a car while going down on her. He was truly a freak. I can't believe I didn't see it. I think I was so charmed at that point, I thought it was cute.
May 12 - 3PM
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Mines told me this was just

Mines told me this was just another chapter in the book (meaning him D&D ing me for the Ow) . He said until I don't want her anymore, or want to talk to her anymore she is a factor. I said wth you contact me first then I wasn't bothering you, you came over here begging for me to take you back. No real response. uhhh lets see I was also blamed for someone taking his gps out his car saying he thought the area was safe. It is safe but if you leave something in plain view in beverly hills someone will steal it if given an oppurtunity. I'm the woman who treated him like shit for years. I don't know how to love a man which translates to you never gave me money and yes me to deaf. I jinx him or give him bad luck dear that follows you regardless. narcs day the darnest things don't they .
May 14 - 5AM (Reply to #82)
Smitten Kitten (not verified)
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Mine also said after the

Mine also said after the final D&D, dumping me for the OW, "I was ready for a new chapter in my life."
May 26 - 1PM (Reply to #83)
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Mine doesn't use chapters

He is too friggen ignorant to relate to a book of any kind (prob because he "knows it all already.' He would use the let's "make a fresh start" Here is your fresh start bozo..IT's NOW ALL ABOUT ME
May 13 - 5PM (Reply to #80)
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WEIRD. Mine frequently

WEIRD. Mine frequently referred to his life as a book and big events and "chapters". While talking about his OW, he said, "My final chapter with her hasn't been written yet. Yours and mine has." Books, movies... it was always like his life wasn't really his, just a play he was acting out.
May 13 - 10PM (Reply to #81)
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Dee, mine said life was a book and had chapters too

Also said no one else would love me or understand me like he did. Someone else's N said this too. Maybe we should start a list of common sayings.
May 12 - 7AM
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stupid stuff they say

Mine told me he could not move ahead with our plans for the future until he found out if he was going to adopt his foster child. ??????????????? This was the same child he took in "because I finally feel ready to settle down with you, baby" as he told me three years ago. At another point he told me there wasn't enough room in the house for all five of us (the twelve room house we were allegedly going to live in) so he was waiting to see because he couldn't "Just kick the kid out." Gosh, he's such a humanitarian.
May 11 - 9PM
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One Narc that I dated told me

One Narc that I dated told me "he just COULDN'T be with me because I just didn't love his mother as much as he did. And that he really needed a woman that was going to love her as much as he did if not more." HAHA, how delluded is that!?
May 11 - 2PM
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what it really meant...

N: I have spoken to my daughter about you me: really? N: yes she says daddy you've got to stop ( My translation, because she is a married woman - actual translation, because I know you are messing with her) N carries on: But I said well the human heart is the human heart.... ( my translation, because I love her, actual translation, because she loves me...) N: you are too strong for me - translation I cannot control you N - you do not deserve me - translation - you do not deserve me....and I cannot control you N: you never indulged me: translation : I could never control you N: I love you but I have feelings for L: translation: your supply is good but I can control L much better.... maddening.....
May 11 - 1PM
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Here's a CLASSIC!

"It's okay. Really. None of my other girlfriends ever made me use one!" This was supposed to convince me that it was okay for him to go condom-less. Urrrrrrr. Okay, so the fact that all the *other* chicks didn't make you use one is supposed to make *me* feel better about your not using one??? How does the health-risk math add up on that??? And yes, I made him wrap that rascal! Naturally he insisted he was the "Magnum" size. Uffda.
May 11 - 7AM
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the break

the last d&d started this past january. my ex said to me; "i want a break." "what does that mean?", i implied. his reply was this, "it could be 2 months, 2 years or 10 years, i don't know." does that mean he thought i was going to wait around? probably, because i always had before, but that sentence to me was the ding ding ding that brought me to my senses. i was a phony. i was angry. i wasn't jealous enough. (wtf?) he wore his sunglasses once in a parent/teacher conference. said his eyes were bothering him. i was so embarrassed. he would often put his head down and rub his eyes when we were in other situations similar to this. he is a popular, handsome, charming dude. but fortunately for me i got to see the "real" side of him. it ain't pretty. good day to all!