About Lisa E. Scott

Lisa E. Scott is the author of three best-selling books on narcissism. Ms. Scott has over 20 years of experience in the human resources field and has been published in academic journals related to her work. Her current research focuses on the study of narcissism in the workplace. She offers one-on-one and group coaching to those recovering from narcissistic abuse. Ms. Scott also serves as a member of Loyola University's Adjunct Faculty in Chicago where she enjoys teaching Organizational Psychology to MBA and MSHR students.

Lisa E. Scott's Books:
The Path Forward (2012)
All About Him (2009)
All About Her (2014)


Fearless is an award winning artist; both as a painter of fine arts and a graphic designer in print media. In her contemporary creations, she uses an array of colors and flowing rhythms, each inspired by her love of nature. During her time in the newspaper industry she earned the title of Graphic Arts Director after years as Advertising Sales Rep, Photographer and Designer. She crossed over into Commercial Printing and presently focuses on creating marketing materials, logos, and branding for her clients. After several years in a toxic relationship that nearly ended her life, she sought solace at The Path Forward. While there, she received incredible insight and support, quickly comforted to know she was not “going crazy” but in fact had been involved in a relationship with a narcissist. That was the beginning of a remarkable healing journey. At the advice from one of the moderators, she began working with a therapist at her local shelter where she was diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety and panic attacks, hyper-vigilance, and depression, all resulting from Trauma Abuse. Along with recent events, there were older scars from family dysfunction and a lifetime connection to an emotionally unavailable mother, she had to deal with. As she healed, Fearless, aka “FeFe” became a participant in the pilot edition for the group sessions offered by Lisa. The sessions were highly successful, offering her renewed hope and purpose. It was then, she knew, she would pay it forward on the mission to help others. As a testament to her recovery, the last year she was with the narcissist, Fearless completely lost all ability to create! During her recovery period, just six months after the D&D, she took home First Place honors for “A Show of Gratitude”, a collection of her paintings entered in a premiere juried art festival. She is a firm believer and advocate of The Six Steps; all you have to do is be willing to do the work! Five years out and completely recovered, Fearless truly enjoys a beautifully authentic life, continuing to explore nature, practicing guided mediations, and spending treasured time with family. Being an empath and enhanced intuitive, she uses her experiences whole-heartedly, guiding and supporting others in finding their own unique way, on The Path Forward.

Transcend is a licensed Clinical Psychotherapist. She graduated at the top of her class and earned the Distinguished Student Award. She was a member of a Native American drumming group as a singer and guitarist and composed original music for the group. She rose to the top of her career as a Clinical director, and has worked in both for profit and non profit agencies and organizations, She has worked with various populations including four years at a Native American Community Health Center, and sat on the board of Directors for a Native American Mental Health Agency for several years. She is well seasoned in diagnosing and treating mental health disorders, and has much experience counseling and treating trauma and abuse victims. Transcend is also an Equine Assisted Psychotherapist, the practice of utilizing Horses for therapy work with clients, and finds this work to be particularly successful and rewarding for both therapist and client. As an avid animal and nature lover, this work outdoors involving these majestic animals feels like a personal calling to her. Transcend is also a cancer survivor, and believes wholeheartedly that our inner self talk is extremely important to our well being and healing, and has helped numerous clients to change their negative self talk to rebuild their self esteem. Despite her expert ability to diagnose and treat mental health disorders, she fell victim to a Narcissist.This devastating experience of the complete narcissistic cycle of events, luring honeymoon phase, devalue phase, cheating, lying, gas lighting, crazy making, salad talk phase and finally the discard phase, led her to seek out better understanding of this disorder, how it happened to her, and how she could recover from it. In her seeking she came across Lisa E Scott's book, It's All About Him, and found the answers she was seeking within its pages. From there she became a regular visitor to Lisa's website, the Path Forward, where she found a supportive community of abuse survivors who helped her recover. Five years now in recovery, Transcend has dedicated herself to helping others recover from this unique and horrific form of abuse.She has counseled many women in her therapy practice to recognize their narcissistic partner and the toxic relationship they are in. To get out, have no contact, and rebuild their self worth to move forward in their lives, and never allow another toxic person in their life. She Always recommends Lisa's books, website, and step program as Lisa E Scott is a leader in narcissistic abuse recovery. In her leisure, Transcend enjoys music, gardening, nature, biking, hiking, and self guided meditations.

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Goldie has worked with women, men, and teens suffering and recovering from the adverse affects of PD's for the majority of her adult life. Also, herself, a survivor of a dysfunctional family system of origin, which resulted in relationships with PD's.

Her ultimate goal is to become an administrator for a spiritual retreat center which is a working farm, a therapeutic alternative, and a teaching facility. She is a Reiki Master, studied, holistic healing, health, and nutrition as well as various spiritual teachings though countless venues. She has a grown son who is an artist and spiritual scholar and she is an advocate of expressive therapy through dance, music, art, and writing. She majored in Psychology and Communications.

Goldie has worked with special needs families as an advocate and group facilitator, certified in parent advocacy, domestic violence trauma, strength training certified, worked with trouble adolescent in a treatment center, legal mediation preparation specializing in the challenges of facing the personality disordered in court, prison inmates with substance abuse related incarceration release planning, teenagers at risk in group home settings and one on one stabilization goal setting, the 12 Step programs, programming and development for children at risk in a group home settings, children's programming for after school, children of working Mom's, crisis intervention and support for women in domestic violence, relationship recovery workshop programming, grief recovery support group facilitator, hospice volunteer, trauma healing, estate advocacy, creating successful programming to heal from trauma and toxic relationship bonding, codependency,sex addiction, and love addiction recovery and healing. Empowerment and freedom from the bondage of relationships which no longer work for you. She majored in Psychology and Communications.

Journey is a creative artist who has always had a keen interest in psychology, emotional health and spiritual enlightenment. Throughout her life she has read many books which promote self growth, healing and spirituality and has always strived to live with consciousness, integrity, love, acceptance of others and forgiveness. Until experiencing the manipulative covert and pathological abuse first hand, she generally believed there was an inherent goodness in all people, unaware of the commonality of personality disorders which disrupts the development of that goodness in such affected individuals. Her intimate relationship with a narcissist lasted only two years, but devastating consequences continued to negatively impact every part of her life long after the romance ended – physically, creatively, spiritually, emotionally and financially. While struggling with lingering depression and trying to make sense of the emotional confusion, sadness, self doubt, self blame and loss she had experienced, she came upon Lisa E. Scott’s website and the missing pieces of the puzzle that had long kept her stuck, all began falling into place to finally show her a way out of the fog. Since that time, Journey has moved forward on the path of recovery by staying close to this forum, learning about PDI and actively sharing her knowledge with other survivors, consciously nurturing the light within and welcoming the return of hope, faith and productive energy back into her life with a renewed sense of confidence and inner peace. Guided by the collective wisdom of the other members, as well as by her own experience and understanding of the dynamics of emotional and spiritual abuse within PD relationships, she is determined to offer whatever comfort and support she can give now in order to help educate others about personality disorders, specifically NPD, in their own quest to find answers, clarity and healing.

Spinning is a published poet and writer who makes her living in print journalism. Prior to making the decision to follow her heart and pursue a career in writing, she worked as a legal secretary and support staff manager for a law firm operating multiple locations in the Midwest. Spinning’s encounter with a borderline/narc happened later in life, though in hindsight she realizes that he was part of a pattern of gravitating to personality disordered individuals beginning in her mid-20s. Though she allowed the disordered individual and relationship to close the curtain on a long-term, relatively healthy relationship, Spinning now understands that this came into her life as an avenue—albeit a painful and rocky one—to finally resolve deep seated, long held issues with self-esteem, perfectionism and self-worth. When Spinning joined The Path Forward community, she had spent six years in a very toxic relationship and could barely function through the fog of CD and PTSD and pain and confusion. After working the steps and committing to moving forward, she now regards the brutal D & D disappearing act to be the best thing that has happened to her in recent years. In her early 50s, Spinning finds new doors opening to beautiful adventures the more she lets go of the disordered one and the poison he fed her drip by drip. Since putting into practice the belief that “what you focus on becomes your reality,” and shifting her focus from the chaos and pain of the disordered relationship onto the simple joy of the present moment, great blessings have gravitated into Spinning’s life—including new relationship possibilities—and she is eager to share this concept with others. An animal lover and longtime vegetarian, Spinning lives in the rural midwest and enjoys nature, reading, physical activity, journaling and wine. She practices yoga, including Kirtan yoga, and is a member of a Buddhist study group — things she returned to after breaking the bondage of the disordered one’s control. Her family’s strong ethnicity is a source of strength and pride, as is The Path Forward community.