Let's play another round of "stupid things my Narc said"

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May 10 - 6PM (Reply to #44)
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"meet me a the grophies

"meet me a the grophies store" Oh my gosh! They are truly all cut from the same cloth, aren't they? Xnh used to make up stupid words like this all the time. He'd say things like we're going to crocketaria instead of the cafeteria, and he'd change the words around in songs or use stupid made-up words that didn't make any sense. Then he'd laugh like he thought he was just SO funny and clever. It always embarrassed me when he did this, and I thought he sounded like a total ignoramus. You could be right, maybe they're minds have a "short" somewhere. I always did think xnh was functioning about one wave short of a shipwreck. I should have trusted my instincts. lol.

God sometimes removes a person from your life for your protection. Don't run after them.

May 10 - 6AM
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This ones for you sara

My narc lost his beautiful blond hair. He now shaves his head , including the three hair's he has left. " I have a perfectly shaped head for my look " He shaves his balls too, I guess those are perfectly shaped as well. A legend in his own mind. Gnome! Hunter
May 31 - 12AM (Reply to #42)
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Omg mine is bald and says he

Omg mine is bald and says he has 'a nice shaped head' LOL In actual fact he has a funny shaped egg head and he looks like frankenstein lol
May 13 - 6PM (Reply to #40)
Sanity Check
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Hunter - Confess....

Is that really a picture of your N?
May 18 - 7PM (Reply to #41)
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Sanity Check

Not my Narc but resembles him. Its Charles Manson!! The King of the psychopaths. Hunter
May 12 - 4PM (Reply to #39)
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Shaves his chest

I don't know if the ex-Psych prof shaved his balls, or anywhere else down yonder... but I DO know he shaved his chest. He once came to the coffee shop, baring his chest, his shirt open to his navel, and it was pretty obvious he shaved. It would also explain why he was constantly itching&scratching his chest (isn't there aftershave/moisturizer for that?) He once grew a beard to look more masculine... but that got shaved too, after that honeymoon period. He claimed he grew the beard because he sunburnt his face while skiing :0
May 11 - 9AM (Reply to #33)
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He DOES NOT have a perfectly shaped head! His head looks like the head of a gnome and I bet his balls are as tiny as a gnomes! A legend in his own mind......haaaaaaaaaaaa!
May 18 - 7PM (Reply to #38)
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SARA Smile

Balls like raisins Hunter
May 12 - 1AM (Reply to #34)
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What is it with the shaved

What is it with the shaved balls. Mine used to shave em and also under his arms. i did find it quite weird.
May 13 - 10PM (Reply to #36)
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OMG shaved balls ha ha mine

OMG shaved balls ha ha mine too did it constantly. G-d help you if he missed a day though and you had to give him a blowjob...that really gave me cactus needle mouth! LOL. Wait I can top this...he not only shaved his balls and chest he didn't wear underwear EXCEPT when he went to sleep! He said to me with this stupid grin "I don't wear underwear so I can always be ready". Which means that place he told me about that he went to every Tuesday night which was "sacred" was a club where girls took you in a corner and pulled your pants down and blew you? That was pretty obvious to me DUH. OMG he is my friend again on FB how the hell can I get out of this.
May 13 - 10PM (Reply to #37)
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wise words from some

wise words from some girlfriends a little over a month ago "delete, delete, delete" unfriend him, delete any messages or texts or voicemails delete him from your life
May 12 - 9AM (Reply to #35)
Smitten Kitten (not verified)
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I think it's the influence of

I think it's the influence of porn in our culture. My husband started shaving his balls several years ago and wanted me to shave too. I think this was when he started developing his porn addiction/obsession that has eroded our marriage. My N also shaved his balls and I get the impression from talking to other women, it's the trend nowadays. I refuse to shave completely because I find it so damned uncomfortable the following day when it's growing back in. I've done it a total of 3 times in my life and I get a terrible rash afterwards. Feels like cactus needles growing back in!
May 9 - 11PM
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why are you talking like that?

if i spoke using normal vocabulary as any normal college educated person would, he would say why are you talking like that ? You sound like you are talking out of a book! Pluuuzzz, I do not have a fabulous vocabulary....He could not keep up with a normal conversation. He, Mr Cool and perfect, would strain to understand basic stuff... i still feel bad talking badly about him though...
May 9 - 11PM
Miss Lewis
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I could write a novel on this topic!

Narc admits that he has NEVER connected to a woman, he has a problem connecting with woman. I state, “So, we didn’t have a connection?!” and he reassures me that of course, I was different. One day, totally random and out of the blue he stated, “ Once I end things with a woman, she becomes depressed, suicidal, self-destructive and turns to drugs and alcohol”. He said that with a poker face! I asked him why he wasted three years of my life and lied to me about wanting marriage, children and being my “soul mate”. He stated that he LIED about everything because I pressured him (Lie-I did no such thing, he was always the one to mention our future) and he needed to say that in order to keep getting sex from me! He told me I took the whole relationship too seriously, than five minutes later, he asks me if we should try this relationship again. HA! He told me we can’t be together because he has “dark tendencies”. He wouldn’t explain what he meant by that. He told me that he hates people and he only uses them for his own selfish gain. Towards the end of the “relationship” , he knew that I was onto him so he didn’t even try to fake being human anymore. He would rage and scream at me over the phone, basically act like a stark raving mad lunatic. He would than show up at my house and act sweet as pie, kissing me on the cheek. I would call him on his abusive ranting and he would simply state, “Sorry, I am not the best communicator”. He was the king of gas lighting, saying absolutely shocking things than flat out deny saying these things 5 minutes later. He also projected out of his yin yang, stating that I was the selfish, abusive one who was damaged and incapable of love! It just got sicker and sicker with time.
May 9 - 11PM
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LOVE this post. There are so

LOVE this post. There are so many I'll only list a few...gotta keep the ladies here comin back for more right? :-) Him: do you know why the Statue of Liberty is green? Me: oxidation. Him: Hmmmmmmmm...you're very smart...there aren't a lot of girls who know that. "I don't wear underwear so I can always be ready" "You need me in your life because I'm on the inside and I'm on the outside at the same time - I understand what you do but I don't do what you do". "All the people in this town just think I'm a whore".
May 9 - 9PM
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I really should have known....

"I could send you flowers, but that's so impersonal, I could get online and order flowers for 10 girls, right now, and you'd never know the difference" "I have a lot of ideas of nice things I could do for you but they are all in my head." "From time to time, you might run in to women who are disgruntled with me." His wife's dog supposedly bit him and he texted me asking if I like dogs...he wanted me to take his wife's dog! Me to him, on the last day "want to be with you, want it to work but so scared I'm literally shaking" Him: "are you sure you didn't catch something from craiglist?" (referring to blind date I had) the very stupidest thing he ever said, though was "all passwords are lizards" that's how I got into his email and found out the horrifying truth about him
May 10 - 4PM (Reply to #28)
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10 or 30 women

This is scary: "I could send you flowers, but that's so impersonal, I could get online and order flowers for 10 girls, right now, and you'd never know the difference." My exNarc: "This isn't just about sex. I could call up 30 women who would fuck me right now." What's up with flaunting the numbers?
May 9 - 10PM (Reply to #25)
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Wacaet this had me on the

Wacaet this had me on the floor as horrific as it is. The "I have a lot of ideas of nice things I could do" comment is PRICLESS!! LMAO!!!
May 12 - 7AM (Reply to #26)
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OMG! "Ihave a lot of ideas of nice things I could do but they are all in my head!" That is so perfect! Mine used to say, "You have no idea how much I think of you and love you even though I don't spend time with you." I used to say, "Why am I sleeping in my bed forty feet away from you?" (He lived one house away from me) "This is crazy! I miss you and want to be with you!" He'd say, "Just know I'm lying in my bed, just forty feet away, thinking of you and loving you, too." ??????????
May 12 - 1PM (Reply to #27)
Finally Faced It
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and the award goes to...

helldweller - I think your guy should be awarded a "Big, Bronzed, N Trophy". From everything I've read, I truly think that asshole wins the prize. He is certifiably nuts. FFI
May 9 - 10PM (Reply to #21)
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coughing tv

I forgot my favorite one, from that last night when I was playing chicken with him about booking me a flight. I kept hearing someone cough (He was, as usual, away on business and in a hotel room). He said "oh that's the tv" and then tried fake coughing himself! yes, he had a tv that coughed, it didn't make any other noises, just coughing he was in the bathroom because "it's the only place I can charge my phones" and I'm guessing he picked someone up in the bar and went in the bathroom to call me while she slept (and coughed) He was drunk a lot so many of the funniest things were when he was drunk. Like when he messaged me on facebook first my name ? I replied then my name ? again then I'm on the phone with japan fuckers (co-workers in japan) and then his next message was just a . that's all he typed...this was his version of paying attention to me
May 10 - 3PM (Reply to #24)
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Ha ha ha

That made me chuckle .... a coughing TV !! What if it had been a piano recital - he would have been in some trouble then. Ha ha - coughing TV, I love it !!
May 9 - 11PM (Reply to #23)
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TV coughing ha ha ha ha ha ha

TV coughing ha ha ha ha ha ha ah LMFAO!!!!!!
May 9 - 11PM (Reply to #22)
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OMG I also got half-sentences

OMG I also got half-sentences that could not be deciphered! Drunk also of course. Oy vey. So digusting how little attention they gave us as you said. And this is one of the techniques of hooking us too...you just give a little and any intelligent person will want to know the complete sentence.
May 9 - 9PM (Reply to #16)
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Ally I think we have a new winner........

Wacaet your Narc is the winner! Haaaaaaaa! Those are great and so very sad at the same time! He's not the brightest bulb in the bunch is he? How did you respond?? Did you ever just laugh in his face??? Hilarious!!!!
May 11 - 4PM (Reply to #20)
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Oh, my

Well, I think we have to give him mad points for his creativity! I'm astounded that these guys think we'll BUY this crap!
May 9 - 10PM (Reply to #17)
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I always thought he was being

I always thought he was being funny. I never realized he was dead serious. I thought he was charming and adorable. I shared some of these with my mom and at the time, she thought charming and adorable, too. It's only now that I know the truth about him and taken out of context, that they seem so ridiculous. Part of his game was apparently telling the truth about himself this way and seeing if I'd ever pick up on it. The sad part is that he is really very, very smart. He's also very, very good at narc manipulation. He had me completely fooled and many other women as well. It's heartbreaking to see how a mental illness has totally fucked this man up. He's attractive and intelligent, talented, well educated and has a very good career. But he drinks more than anyone I've ever known (I'm in AA, I've known a lot of drunks, he takes the cake), he's unhappy and he ruins other people's lives for fun. Really, really fucked up.
May 11 - 3AM (Reply to #19)
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Me, too.

Sounds like mine, too. Very, very smart. Great narc manipulator. Fools everyone. So attractive and sexy and intelligent...and what a drinker! I've never known anyone to drink like this man does, and he's proud of it. He's proud of his self-loathing, too. Wears it like a badge of honor.
May 9 - 11PM (Reply to #18)
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Wacaet this last post made me

Wacaet this last post made me cry I actually think we have the same N I experienced exactly the same charm, goofy funny silliness with the self-aware humor and so good-looking and smart. G-d I really love who he could have been for me.
May 9 - 9PM
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"You need to give me enough

"You need to give me enough rope to hang myself" Meaning: give me absolute freedom and don't question me but still trust me. He was doing A HELL OF A LOT OF HANGING!!!