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The Sex Addicted Narcissist

Sometimes YOU are the last to know. Or you sense it, yet have no proof. Or you know it, yet choose to stay in denial. Or you find out and he promises to stop or change. Not likely in this life time.

Is your narcissist a sex addict and you don't know it or are in denial?

My narcissist never cheated on me is a common war cry on here.

Are you sure about this?

You don't need to SEE it happening to make it true.

Many narcissists are clever with keeping their sex addiction from you.

Often, you are the last to know.

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Tuesday Recovery Support Group Begins Tuesday February 21, 2017
I am beginning my Spring Support Group shorty. We'll have you all spiffed up by summer. xoxo Here are all the details and sign up links. Looking forward to having you with us.
Much love,

As an additional bonus. All my Support Group participants will receive Private Support Sessions at a reduced rate. 3 Personal hour long Support Sessions for 325 ; 6 for 625. Each session is generally 150 per hour so as you can see it is a great savings for you. You may use your session as needed.

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Goldie's Support Packages, Bio, & Testimonials

I have been facilitating and teaching self love and healing from a toxic narcissistic relationship for 5 years now. Working with hundreds of survivors globally. We need the support the most from those who fully understand. You are not alone in this. I understand.

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The Narcissist Playing the God Card

Playing the God card and therapy with a narcissist:

Let's get real here, shall we?

"Do as say, not as I do." Sound familiar? "You need to be the perfect Christian wife or husband, I will do as I please." "I answer to no one, you answer to me (God)."
~A Christian marriage with a Narcissist~

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So she thought she was special..

So she thought she was special. Joyce Mitchell, was apparently made to feel special by convicted violent murderer and reported Psychopath , Richard Matt. So special that she considered assisting him, and may have, in his prison break with convicted law enforcement killer, David Sweat. The extent of her involvement is unknown at this time. See details below. These allegations are reported by CNN and the Daily Mail, UK.

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Do you love a Toxic Narcissist?TWENTY QUESTIONS

Are you "in love" with or related to a Toxic Narcissist?