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Lisa E. Scott is the author of three best-selling books explaining narcissism and offers coaching and consulting on how to manage the narcissist in your life, both personally and professionally. Ms. Scott is a Human Resources professional who has helped multiple corporations manage toxic personalities in the workplace, taught Organizational Psychology at Loyola University Chicago and will now be offering on-line webinars to help you find the path forward after being in a relationship with a narcissist.

Lisa E. Scott's Books:
The Path Forward (2012)
All About Him (2009)
All About Her (2014)


Goldie's picture Goldie, our Head Moderator and Therapeutic Support Director, has worked with women, men, and teens suffering and recovering from the adverse affects of PD's for the majority of her adult life. Also, herself, a survivor of a dysfunctional family system of origin, which resulted in relationships with PD's.

Her ultimate goal is to become an administrator for a spiritual retreat center which is a working farm, a therapeutic alternative, and a teaching facility. She is a Reiki Master, studied, holistic healing, health, and nutrition as well as various spiritual teachings though countless venues. She has a grown son who is an artist and spiritual scholar and she is an advocate of expressive therapy through dance, music, art, and writing. She majored in Psychology and Communications.

Goldie has worked with special needs families as an advocate and group facilitator, certified in parent advocacy, domestic violence trauma, strength training certified, worked with trouble adolescent in a treatment center, legal mediation preparation specializing in the challenges of facing the personality disordered in court, prison inmates with substance abuse related incarceration release planning, teenagers at risk in group home settings and one on one stabilization goal setting, the 12 Step programs, programming and development for children at risk in a group home settings, children's programming for after school, children of working Mom's, crisis intervention and support for women in domestic violence, relationship recovery workshop programming, grief recovery support group facilitator, hospice volunteer, trauma healing, estate advocacy, creating successful programming to heal from trauma and toxic relationship bonding, codependency,sex addiction, and love addiction recovery and healing. Empowerment and freedom from the bondage of relationships which no longer work for you. She majored in Psychology and Communications.

Targeted treatment from toxic relationships is her area of expertise.

"What you describe here goes way, way beyond codependency. What you describe is love addiction and most therapists, no matter how good they may be in other areas, really are not equipped to provide the very specialized, targeted treatment that someone with a severe love addiction needs. Unfortunately, I know this all too well, having spent almost a decade in therapy and more years in al-anon. I did get better. A lot better. But it wasn't enough. And it wasn't until I found this site and had a one on one with Goldie and then joined her group that I REALLY got better. And was able to break my addiction to the narc and toxic people in general. There is a certain kind of magic in the combination of really wanting to and being willing to fix myself and her very unique expertise in this area that completely changed my life. I'm not going to lie and tell you it was easy. It wasn't. But it was worth it. Because I am worth it. And so are you. Goldie is the absolute best there is. Bar none. Period. Group. One on ones. I have a life I never dreamed was possible because of Goldie. She is an expert in targeted treatment, trauma, PTSD, toxic relationship recovery, family of origin issues. All of it. The whole giant mess. Her group is intense. Targeted towards each member to get at the heart of the specifics of each member's issues. ~It'sFinallyTime~

"It has been a year since I started group with you Goldie. Knowledge is power. Your insight into how the pattern plays out is so good to know. Last year at this time I could not think clearly. I was crying a lot and could barely function. All I knew was I had left that relationship in march and was still having real trouble with my self. And so I signed up and started sharing. I learned how similar all our tales of woe are. I met some incredible courageous women and I learned to trust. I am so much better now.. No not perfect but I have large amounts of no drama time. I have forgiven myself. I have understood the man I was with is sick.. But he is ok with how he is ., and I don't need to fix him. I am learning to be open with my family and friends. I have a relationship with God. All this from joining group. If any of you guys are questioning whether the groups are valuable I can only say yes!! Join today and begin your journey of recovery from an abusive situation." ~Taralyn

"Goldie coaching is informational and she mentors us in recovery and empowerment. Her intuitive approach explores the way you perceive your life, allowing you to let go of the abusive nature in your relationships. There is peace of mind after narc and Goldie leads you back to your inner self. Your true self who repels abuse naturally." ~Tammy~

"Although I am a psychologist for many years I have found an old friend of 30 years to have NPD. We recently reunited and I am under the silent treatment and really need to talk to an expert in the area about all this. Thanks Goldie."

"What a wonderful blog, Goldie! Thank you so much for sharing. You are such a dear friend to me and feels like we've been friends forever. Hard to believe it was four years ago we initially connected. We have a bond I know will last a lifetime and I hope you know how much I cherish our sisterhood.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to you for all you do to support everyone here on the forum on a daily basis and through your weekly support group. Those of you asking what you can do to get more closure and move one, PLEASE do yourself a favor and register for Goldie's weekly support group. It is the best thing you can do for yourself and you OWE it to yourself to sign-up. Don't waste another minute suffering alone in pain. Sign-up now for Goldie's weekly support group by clicking here:" Love & Light, ~Lisa E Scott~

Goldie practices and has studied Holistic Health and nutrition, strength training, alternative medicine; as well as traditional therapy and spiritual development. She encourages self empowerment, actualization, and healing your mind, body, and soul to find your inner strength and peace again Has worked with releasing trauma with body work/reiki.

"Most therapists do not understand Personality Disordered to the extent Goldie does. Why would they? They do not eat sleep and breathe this as I she has and have not lived it. Goldie has worked with over a thousand men and women from all over the world recovering from this type of abuser. She has worked with Narcissist and Psychopathic males. She gets it and understands their games. This is her life's work. Her gift. She is an expert in this field. Not only in understanding it. More importantly. She knows HOW to help you feel better and to recover fully from this type of toxic abuse. She has hundreds of success stories."

"I would love to have half your interpersonal skills, you are one in a million!!! You are truly a wee (as we say in Scotland) saint! You are full of the greatest advice. ~Sharon~

She is gratified to work with others on their journey along The Path Forward.

Goldie offers intensive comprehensive one on one sessions which help the member in exploring their emotions, sorting out the affects of their relationship with the PD, letting go of the obsessive thinking regarding the OW, self doubt, guilt, and pain associated with a relationship with a PD, moving on, and exploring alternative methods which include, NC, self care and approval, and a complete recovery from this devastating experience. Members work at their own pace and she takes them from the initial stages of intense pain and sorrow through the process of healing and recovery.

Goldie's one on ones and support groups have been heralded by many as life changing.

She offers toxic relationship from a PD Support Groups as well as advanced groups targeted at bringing you back full circle.

Private individual sessions are available as well. Everything discussed is completely confidential and stays within the session.

She has extensive knowledge, compassion, and experience with what a PD is, what they have done to you, and how to begin the process to reclaim your life and begin to feel whole again. She is our lead moderator and will assist you and answer any question or concerns you may have to ease your pain and comfort you along The Path Forward. Membership and posting are not required to benefit and participate in Goldie's services.

Goldie has worked with men and women recovering from toxic relationships Globally from over 20 different Countries.

For additional support, a one on one with Goldie, to join support group, or to speak with Goldie directly, http://www.lisaescott.com/blog/goldie



Journey's picture Journey Journey is a creative artist who has always had a keen interest in psychology, emotional health and spiritual enlightenment. Throughout her life she has read many books which promote self growth, healing and spirituality and has always strived to live with consciousness, integrity, love, acceptance of others and forgiveness. Until experiencing the manipulative covert and pathological abuse first hand, she generally believed there was an inherent goodness in all people, unaware of the commonality of personality disorders which disrupts the development of that goodness in such affected individuals. Her intimate relationship with a narcissist lasted only two years, but devastating consequences continued to negatively impact every part of her life long after the romance ended – physically, creatively, spiritually, emotionally and financially. While struggling with lingering depression and trying to make sense of the emotional confusion, sadness, self doubt, self blame and loss she had experienced, she came upon Lisa E. Scott’s website and the missing pieces of the puzzle that had long kept her stuck, all began falling into place to finally show her a way out of the fog. Since that time, Journey has moved forward on the path of recovery by staying close to this forum, learning about PDI and actively sharing her knowledge with other survivors, consciously nurturing the light within and welcoming the return of hope, faith and productive energy back into her life with a renewed sense of confidence and inner peace. Guided by the collective wisdom of the other members, as well as by her own experience and understanding of the dynamics of emotional and spiritual abuse within PD relationships, she is determined to offer whatever comfort and support she can give now in order to help educate others about personality disorders, specifically NPD, in their own quest to find answers, clarity and healing.

Spinning's picture Spinning Spinning is a published poet and writer who makes her living in print journalism. Prior to making the decision to follow her heart and pursue a career in writing, she worked as a legal secretary and support staff manager for a law firm operating multiple locations in the Midwest. Spinning’s encounter with a borderline/narc happened later in life, though in hindsight she realizes that he was part of a pattern of gravitating to personality disordered individuals beginning in her mid-20s. Though she allowed the disordered individual and relationship to close the curtain on a long-term, relatively healthy relationship, Spinning now understands that this came into her life as an avenue—albeit a painful and rocky one—to finally resolve deep seated, long held issues with self-esteem, perfectionism and self-worth. When Spinning joined The Path Forward community, she had spent six years in a very toxic relationship and could barely function through the fog of CD and PTSD and pain and confusion. After working the steps and committing to moving forward, she now regards the brutal D & D disappearing act to be the best thing that has happened to her in recent years. In her early 50s, Spinning finds new doors opening to beautiful adventures the more she lets go of the disordered one and the poison he fed her drip by drip. Since putting into practice the belief that “what you focus on becomes your reality,” and shifting her focus from the chaos and pain of the disordered relationship onto the simple joy of the present moment, great blessings have gravitated into Spinning’s life—including new relationship possibilities—and she is eager to share this concept with others. An animal lover and longtime vegetarian, Spinning lives in the rural midwest and enjoys nature, reading, physical activity, journaling and wine. She practices yoga, including Kirtan yoga, and is a member of a Buddhist study group — things she returned to after breaking the bondage of the disordered one’s control. Her family’s strong ethnicity is a source of strength and pride, as is The Path Forward community.