Dont allow yourself to get "demoted"

I realised one thing abt my N. He demotes his woman.

It started as GF then becomes ex GF then friends with benefits.

At every single stage he wins, the woman lose.

He can haphazardly change your title depending on who he is talking to. To his long term ex (the one he goes back when he runs low on NS), he told her i am work colleague! wow work colleague!!

To some OW he wants to slow down their chasing (maybe to use them some time later! future supply), he told them i am a GF, he wants to be faithful to me! what a joke!

To most people, he told them i am a "friend". So he is still single!

I am now in reality ex GF (of cos he got his twisted version and has no reality time concept).

I wont want to be ex GF or friends with benefits.

Like the other thread I saw here "dont ever be friends with benefit". Yes i totally agree, its nothing but a demotion. a type of D&D!

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including me after a 10 year relationship - I don't think anyone wants to be friends with him after the freaky bad way he treats people
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10 years is a long time. Hugs!! I cannot imagine the hurt u been thru. You opted out, please stay out. I am going to NC forever too.
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he moved and said we were not breaking up - I did not even realize he was abandoning me for months - I loved him - it was a nightmare - he never broke up with me just disapeared and partied off...
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My N has play this game on me multiple times. I felt the same way as u too, i felt i did not opt out i felt i have NO CHOICE, DISCARDED! Not anymore, I want to opt out, choose to move on and discard him. Even if he contact I will not reply, let him go, once and for all for life! Yes you have a choice!
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and he always has to keep all his ex's as he can get supply when needed. I am so so done with being in this club...I am out for good. he called yesterday. I did not answer, I will not call back and he can go fuck himself.
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I like what u just said "he can go fuck himself"
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.. mine too However NONE of his real ex gf's from the past talk to him...accept him on skype or call him. Only his flings and his female (fuck)friends.
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the exes of your N (including u) are smart woman, see through him. Not so fortunate for the exes of my N. a good 60% hasnt seen thru him. He keeps them by buying expensives gifts etc, using $.