2.5 months into NC and I am STRUGGLING

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2.5 months into NC and I am STRUGGLING

This is my first post.

Went NC with female N right after NYE...I can't figure out why my feelings of longing/sadness got stronger in the last month. (for the 1st month, I was relieved.)

I'm obsessed. I've replayed every single detail so many times, I've re-traumatized myself endlessly.

My mind is now screwing with me: telling me there were good times. making me question if I had it wrong. Worst: making me want to be an N so I don't feel this pain.

The relationship hit its swan song when I finally asked her about the "stony, expressionless" stare. She blew up for like a day straight.

I found the "narcissistic stare" online, and I was NC in short order.

I'm TERRIFIED of running into her. We surf the same spot here in Honolulu, and I find myself afraid of running into her. I think about it constantly.

Apr 18 - 8AM
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Still fresh

Mar 16 - 12PM
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What are you doing to unravel

Mar 15 - 3PM
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Plan Ahead!

Mar 15 - 3PM
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2.5 half months is not a long

Mar 15 - 3PM (Reply to #6)
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Mar 15 - 5AM
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Hi LFG, there are steps on

Mar 15 - 4PM (Reply to #2)
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thank you

Mar 17 - 8AM (Reply to #4)
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Ex sex

Mar 16 - 3AM (Reply to #3)
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Hi LNFG, Yes, you probably