The worst thing he said to you

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The worst thing he said to you

I thought i would start a thread where we can list the werst things the narc said to us . The benifits i think would be to have these psycopaths exposed in one place where if we have a weak moment and want to break no contact we can refer to it so we can remind ourselves what these men really are .. they are all the same ...
Mine is when i found out my mum was dieing he dumperd me the same day a week later i broke no contact to ask him why he did it and he said "well Scoop what if your mums health got really bad ..i would never be able to get out then "

Jul 30 - 4PM
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So many more I could mention.....

If, God forbid, he should have to help me do something he would always say--"trying to show/teach (yeah cuz I am just dumb right you big ASSHOLE) you anything is like teaching a retard how to ride a bike" And then there was the time he borrowed money from me to pay for his and his daughter's plane tickets (we lived together at the time, but he was paying for his daughter and his part of the trip and I was paying for mine and my son's part) and when I asked him about when he might pay me back cuz I needed the $$ to buy my son soccer shoes he called me "a cheap MFing c*nt" Then let's not forget, after he moved out and moved back with his mommy but we were still together (what a fricking joke, but yeah), I gave him my son's TV so when his son would come to visit on weekends, he would have something to play his Xbox on. Well, turned out he was messing with the coke addicted whore, unbeknownst to me, and he had the balls to take MY tv to her house so her kids could use it to play their Wii and to keep her kids out of the way. Anyhow, I noticed one day that the TV was not at his mom's, well not where it always had been and he told me he took it upstairs for his mom to use. Well, one weekend when we had picked up his son, his son asked if he (N) has gotten the tv back fron the coke whore (he did not say that, but I will not type IT'S name). I just looked at my N in the car and said and where is my TV ?? Thought you moved it upstairs for your mom. He looked at me and told me to quit being such a stingy, selfish bitch cuz I had plenty of money to buy another and the coke whore was broke and really needed it. Uhmmmmm, ok well I am not a provider for some crack whore. End of story, yes, I got my son's TV back and if that makes me a selfish bitch, well, ok. So even though he had gotten busted out in a lie, I was the stingy and selfish one !!
Jul 30 - 11AM
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The worst thing he ever said to me

"I'm sorry but you're just not a priority right now". After I'd moved back from out of state to be with him & he was barely making time to see me. He'd told me he was devastated when I'd left. Only to treat me like a chore (unless we were having sex) when I returned. I was so upset when he said this to caught off guard, sick with panic and hopelessness...that I tried to take my life that night.
Jul 29 - 5PM
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The worst thing he ever said was

Jul 31 - 5AM (Reply to #172)
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Yeah i know what you mean...
Jul 30 - 5AM (Reply to #171)
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Good one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless, Goldie
Jul 29 - 6PM (Reply to #170)
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Looking for the 'Like'

Looking for the 'Like' button.


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so true!

oh my gosh if only he hadn't said that. i wouldn't have my kids though!
Jul 29 - 5PM (Reply to #167)
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lol! and the best thing he

lol! and the best thing he said was "goodbye".
Dec 15 - 6PM (Reply to #168)
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Lucky that you got a

Jul 29 - 4PM
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* I can't believe I am going to put my ----- in someone else! * I don't burp the freezer bags well enough * My arms are too skinny * He prefers dark haired women * I am afraid I will meet someone else I like and never find my way back to you. * I don't wash my hands often enough * I don't make enough money, keep my car perfect, nor drive a BMW * I don't use enough light to put on makeup and I have embarrassed him * Our biggest problem to him was I wouldn't let him tell me how to do things or be without getting upset * I have a few animals and its out of his comfort zone...I had them when we met 5 years ago. * He doesn't like my decorating...he likes minimal! I stage and decorate homes for a living Blah, blah, blah
Jul 30 - 7AM (Reply to #165)
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I LOVE how your animals were no problem when he was trying to bang you, but now they are a problem. Just like my children, who "take up too much room" so he had to get one little one of his own instead. Gross.
Jul 29 - 3PM
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Thought of another

Not directed towards me, but on of the worst things ever - His boss has a young (maybe 12 year old) daughter who has an inoperable brain tumor. His boss is in and out of the office while she is in hospice. When he is at work, he is sometimes disconnected - understandably! He was complaining about work and, I kid you not, he said she needs to go ahead and die. It will be better for everyone and that business needs to continue. He made several phone calls lining up a continuation of business plan with the other VPs for when she does pass. I am sure he seemed responsible and thoughtful when he made the calls. Only I know that he is impatient and waiting for her to die - willing her to do so. Sick f*ck!
Jul 29 - 2PM
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Just about The worst thing he said

and the most ironic and projecting was: "Iv'e been trying to get you to the altar for years!" (blink) Huh?!?!
Jul 29 - 9PM (Reply to #162)
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things he said..

"You are impossible to shop for." and the fav during the divorce (that HE wanted!)-- "It will kill me to see the man living my life with you in this house." WTF??
Jul 29 - 1PM
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I was dating an N for six

I was dating an N for six years. Of course it was an on again, off again relationship... We were 5 days away from getting married and I woke up to a letter on my bedside that was 7 pages of criticisms and on the last pages it said, "well. what the heck, I have never been married (he is 51 and I am 38), lets go for it". Some of his delightful criticisms were as follows: Your so fat, any man would be disgusted by you in bed. (I am a size 12). You work to much. (I am a single mom making a living to provide for me son and I making a very good income) If you remain fat, I cant be loyal to you throughout our marriage. I will never spend a holiday with your family again. I hate your house, we will sell it immediately. (he liked it when I originally bought it). Your friends dont like me and I think they are idiots. I am focused more on the pre-nup then the ceremony. You are almost 40, your fat and you have a son.. you will never meet someone as good as me. After we get married, I am moving back to Florida.. hope you can join me. ugh... We were supposed to be married on July 17th... as you can tell, I am still in the angry stage.
Jul 12 - 7AM
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Its makes THEM feel better...

It's always about them... all this hurtful crap they come out with - I am convinced, it's so THEY can feel better about themselves. It's not me its someone else. If the crap is projected onto someone else - THEY don't have to deal with it - therefore THEY feel better. Talk about no empathy
Jul 11 - 7PM
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Wow.....only one....that's tough.

I'm not sure of what was the WORST mean thing he said to me but I sure remember the first .......i'm starting to see why your parents didn't love you Others that deserve a nod: .........your a lot more than just a f**k hole'll do what your told or get your ass beat ........your 35 your chances of getting married are over .........i can't be with you because of your weigh
Jul 12 - 10AM (Reply to #158)
Lisa E. Scott
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OMG! The things he said to you are just horrible! I'm so sorry you had to endure this crazy, sick man!
Jul 10 - 4PM
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freaky quotes

I can please any woman in bed...but i did that when i was young and don't have to any more. everyone tells me i'm rich, good looking and a doctor and can date anyone I want my friends tell me you're going to get pregnant and trap me (I was 47 at the time ... yeah, right -- what medical school did he go to?) My friends tell me you're after my money -- this from a guy who thought a gift was giving me the "pick one" catalog from his office for the holidays telling me to "the power drill would be a good choice." Nickels squeaked between his fingers My lawyer says I can't get engaged (this after dating for 2.5 years -- he blamed everything on someone else ... hs accountant, lawyer, financial planner, therapist, etc.)
Jul 10 - 4PM
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Freaky stuff he said

After he'd made it clear he'd never speak to me again "don't go stringing yourself up or hacking off an arm though, you're still ok for a bird" "was thinking of getting a camper van for me and the kids. And maybe one day me, the kids and a bird" "women - all they want to do is suck the sperm out of you" (while we were having sex) "uhm you've got 3 ping pong balls on your c*nt" and laughed, turning to go to sleep. (he'd told me to trust him with a 'toy' he'd bought and that's what he did to me. Scared me to death too. I couldn't get them out and he took great pleasure in helping me, then feigned disgust at what he'd just had to do. "I don't want a relationship. I'm enjoying my free time. You can come round and w*nk a bit, I might even do your *rse but I don't want any ties" (this is the same man who said he loved having a girlfriend, and eventually introduced me to his family) after he'd dumped me by text and called me names "I'm not being nasty, you're interpreting it as nasty. Smile" And this is the man I wanted to be safe when they were hunting down an armed fugitive this week (he's a cop). And he couldn't even be nice about that. What was I thinking. I'm so low after breaking NC I just want to disappear. I'm actually tired of being here, does anyone else feel the same?
Jul 29 - 2PM (Reply to #155)
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I still stayed around,and exh said no wonder I got you, no one else wanted you, I was always depressed with them ,always but I couldnt seem to get out, what is strange I d/d them within a week of each other[ me and exh was still friends! lol, and its as if I saw the light with the pair of them at excactly the same time,as for you texting the charmer you were with, so what, dont beat yourself up about it you are human he is not, and thats why you worried about him in that situation, I can only quote my psych, when I was saying I will never get over it, and he said,it will pass, at the time I didnt think much of that remark ,I know know what he ment.
Jul 10 - 4PM (Reply to #154)
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I feel your pain. I'm 3

I feel your pain. I'm 3 days NC and don't know how I'm even functioning. I'm on the couch and have no thought of anything to look forward to. Complete grief. I guess it gets better though. We have to feel this pain.
Jul 10 - 3PM
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Worst thing he said

We had been together for over 2 years -- when I asked if he would come to my mothers's funeral? ( she hadn't passed yet but was so near the end) he said, "I wouldn't feel comfortable attending your mom's funeral"
Jul 11 - 5AM (Reply to #149)
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I wonder if this is common

I wonder if this is common to an N. My older son's best friend died tragically in an accident 5 years ago. He was 21 at the time. While we cried over the devastating loss, the N told us to get over it and was annoyed at our grief. When it was time for the funeral he said "I don't DO funerals." However, when a neighbor's mother passed, the N went to the funeral to appear supportive. The self-centeredness and nastiness of an N is really mind blowing.
Jul 12 - 2AM (Reply to #151)
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Yep, same here

My grandpa passed (love you gramps) and my N did go to the funeral. But when we were invited to my parents the next day for dinner, he said he wasn't going to go cuz he knows all we are going to do in sit around and blubber and talk about my grandpa. What an ass !!
Jul 29 - 2PM (Reply to #152)
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Because N's are basically

Because N's are basically lazy and he would have to work too hard to pretend like he was sad. N's don't do "sad." They only do "scared" and "mad as hell."
Jul 11 - 7AM (Reply to #150)
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Professor did the same thing

When I was a freshman in college, I was in my ex-Psychopath professor's science class. My grandfather died from cancer, and my ex-P's response was to tell me (during class) to "toughen up." He told me that I needed to "learn to manage my feelings" and he sent me to the therapist. During the D&D, a friend of mine died from cancer... and his response was cold and bland. Nor did it stop his emotional abuse (it probably escalated it) When a fellow professor died, my ex-P acted totally bored and fidgety during the memorial. When his aunt in Massachusetts was seriously ill, he complained about having to see her over Thanksgiving/Christmas break. When I offered sympathy, his response was callous and cruel. He wasn't just cold about my grandfather, but his own flesh and blood. Very cold blooded.
Jul 10 - 7PM (Reply to #147)
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That's cold

That's cruel. What makes it worse is that it's done on purpose.
Jul 11 - 10AM (Reply to #148)
Lisa E. Scott
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Done on purpose

Yep, it's just inconceivable to me, the way they hurt others on purpose.
Jul 10 - 5PM (Reply to #146)
Lisa E. Scott
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Oh, what a horrible man. To respond the way he did is just sadistic and cruel. I'm so sorry.