The Most Hurtful One-liner N Blurted Out - What Was Yours?

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Sep 18 - 1AM
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"You're dumb as shit and

"You're dumb as shit and fucking retarded" Ouch....despite the fact I had three university degrees and he had one.
Sep 17 - 6PM
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My favorite...

Was when he called me an "f'ing c*nt" and then screamed at me to get out of his house and leave my key. This happened twice (yeah...shame on me for going back). But he had no idea what I'm talking about when I told him he was abusive.
Sep 17 - 5PM
Better than ever
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Oh, I have so many....

but the ones that hurt the most involved violence..... "You better let me leave here (we didnt live together) or I'm going to destroy everything in your house.." I was pregnant and he put his fist to my stomach..."Realize I would do this (punch me in the stomach) if I wanted to..." You get the idea....
Sep 17 - 5PM
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Of the many, the worst one

Of the many, the worst one was "you disgust me". This was said with a look of disgust on his face while the blood ran down my chin from the bloody nose he'd just given me.
Sep 18 - 6PM (Reply to #100)
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One word for your NARC: SCUMBAG! Wait another one: LOSER Oh wait wait: DEUCHEBAG Sorry you had to deal with that crap! Hugs Monique
Sep 18 - 12PM (Reply to #99)
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Oh, honey! I'm so sorry. :(
Sep 17 - 2PM
uk lady
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The absolute final straw

"It's always about you Dee" Almost the last words he said to me. It finally made me wake up to this man's manipulation/reverse psychology and projection. I was absolutely speechless and in that moment knew I had to get out. Dee x
Sep 17 - 2PM
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Hurtful remarks - so so many

Hi everyone, This is the first time I have posted a comment, although I have been reading everyone post for around 3 months now. I am NC since the 2nd of August from my supsected Narc of 3 years. This post really hit a nerve for me. I had so many hurtful comments thrown at me over the years. My all time favourite though was "Your fake!, everything about you is fake, your hair, yours nails, your eyelashes." I take pride in my apperance but obviously that wasn't right. Funny thing is on weekdays - I was often seen in my tracksuit in the evenings, this also wasn't right to him. Then I would get.... "God, don't make a effort to look nice for me" No wonder my head is so screwed up now, why is it one day you feel like your life is moving on and the next you crave to be back to receiving the crumbs you got from them? I know it is only early days for me, but it is very painful to be so confused. I read this forum every evening, I honestly do not know where I would be if I couldn't compare everyones stories and the behiours of the Narc with my experiences. Thanks everyone x
Sep 17 - 12PM
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A couple one liners that

A couple one liners that really hurt were.....'a hole is just a hole" , "I hope you get help for your fucked up head". There were so many one liners....ugggg what was I thinking!
Sep 17 - 12PM
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he told me "I can make you do

he told me "I can make you do whatever I want you to do" And "there are no guarantees" I can't give you what you want" "you could have made me happy" If you really love me you wouldn't date again for a long time" Always gave me dirty looks, always the silent treatment if I didn't comply! There are so many! if I told him no he would say "are you telling me NO" and if I said yes he would twist my arm behind my back until I said ok. He has put in in "sleeper holds" to try and make me pass out, and would laugh and say "GOOD NIGHT"
Aug 17 - 4PM (Reply to #94)
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Mine would also twist my arm

Sep 17 - 12PM
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The Last Straw

After two years of marriage he was going on & on about how sexually frustrated he was [because I refused to engage in his S/M fantasies] & starved for communication & tenderness. I asked him what changed since our marriage since he told me beofre we married that he was very satisfied with our sex life & that he loved me & loved being with me (obviously comunicating). His response: "I was never emotionally or connected to you. I thought my love for you would transform you as [my ex-girlfriend's] love had transformed me." Like I'm supposed to believe that a man is so in love with a woman with whom he has no emotional or sexual connection? Nor did he ever want to admit this line was hurtful & insulting. But the reality was he only married me to access double earning power to puchase a house above his financial means. I figured that one out.
Sep 18 - 10AM (Reply to #91)
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So yours married you for money. Interesting post here. Mine just married another for money. I wonder if he treats her like shit. You may have just shown me that even if he gets married for money, the behaviors persist. Thanks for your post. What was your honeymoon phase like? I'm curious
Aug 16 - 2PM (Reply to #92)
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Money and the Narc..

Sep 17 - 9AM
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Here it is

"I know you deserve better than me" and "How can you put up with me?"
Sep 17 - 8AM
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Here's one for you

After a beating me down one night he took it to another level. He brought up my XH, said I should just go back to him and then referencing my XH's current wife: "BETTER YET, WHY DON'T WE DO A WIFE SWAP? I WOULDNT MIND GIVING IT TO HER. SHE'S GOT A SWEET TIGHT BODY AND A TRULY GREAT ASS" Speaking of asses....
Sep 17 - 7AM
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When he learned I was going

When he learned I was going to start seeing a therapist so I could try and unpick the knot I felt I'd got into, he said: "I'm glad you're getting help for your mental problems."
Sep 17 - 7AM
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After putting me through some

After putting me through some serious emotional unpleasantness by managing to persuade me to lie to my partner and go off on a weekend away with him (Narc Boy) instead, I asked him weeks later what the plan was. "Oh I didn't really mean any of that. I just wanted to see how you were thinking."
Sep 17 - 5AM
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here's another one

WHile he was schlepping his new squeeze on a beach holiday paid for by yours truly: "You are my heart, my soul, my mind, my body...everything. You are with me every moment of the day, filling my heart with love. It's overwhelming but true.." Kind of like saying you were thinking about having a baby when you were having sex...Eeuuu.
Sep 17 - 5AM
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gosh where to start

N oneliners..what a great topic. Conversation stoppers every one. Classic fart in church kind of stuff. Seeing him for the first time after he dumped me for another sucker with zero notice.. "You look depressed. I dont think that shirt suits you.." After having worked his way through my savings account then blown me off for new love.. " I spoiled you rotten all these years, and this is the thanks I get..." (He even stole my LINES!) I think if we can distance ourselves a little from these people, some of these lines are really quite funny. One day we will all have a real laugh...!
Sep 17 - 5AM
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Actually the very worst thing

Actually the very worst thing he ever said was.. Don't be silly, there's nothing wrong. I love you, you're my jelick, I couldn't leAve you even if I wanted to. I love you, I can't help it, you and the children are everything for me, I couldn't survive without you. The day after he left to be with ow
Sep 17 - 3PM (Reply to #83)
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the same here

and there is nothing else to say about this. I understand your pain.
Sep 17 - 5AM
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"I just like messing with

"I just like messing with your head" - said after he'd caused immense emotional pain by doing exactly that.
Sep 17 - 5AM
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Silent Treatment....

I actually could handle all the straight..."you are simply a sex object that I use from time to time" texts. It was the silent treatment that hurt most of all. The times when I would send him a text and he would not respond for days or weeks hurt the most. All of a sudden I would go from feeling acknowledged to feeling forgotten/pushed aside/not enough.
Sep 17 - 11PM (Reply to #79)
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Silent Treatment

I'm with you...the silent treatment hurt more than anything. Mine did the same; he'd ignore my texts or not return calls. I didn't contact him often but, when I did and he was either mad or with OW, he would ignore for hours, days weeks, He'd eventually respond and act like nothing happened. Finally, I got so fed up, I refused to answer his calls and he moved in a OW. That was that. He learned that ignoring was a trigger for me and he'd purposly ignore to get me going. He loved seeing me suffer and hurt; a total f'n sadistic SOB. But, when I ignored him, he'd get mad.
Sep 18 - 8AM (Reply to #80)
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Oh...that was the same for

Oh...that was the same for me. If he sent me a text and I did not respond, he would send me another text telling me to pay attention to him. I still have that text as a reminder of his Narcness.
Sep 17 - 3AM
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Narc " You're not very

Narc " You're not very observant are you Gerri" (Totally out of the blue and unprovoked) Me " Actually I think I am observant" Narc " Well if you tell yourself that, you would be lying to yourself" Narc " There's a really fit girl started at work. She'd look good on the end of my cock" Narc " If I ever had to marry you I wouldn't wear a ring"
Sep 17 - 3AM
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She is a warm loving person,

She is a warm loving person, unlike you who just wants to place conditions on husband comparing me to his ow when u suggested he end it with her if he wanted to cone back with me and his children
Sep 12 - 3AM
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Me: "I thought you liked the fact that I used to write video games?" Him: "That was back when I thought you'd worked on something good like Super Mario." Right. Thanks a LOT. Nice to know MY games were so mediocre!
Sep 12 - 3AM (Reply to #75)
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WHAT A JERK!!!! :DDDDDDDDDD ok..... Sorry.... :))))) Is there anybody over age 6 who still plays Super Mario??? :)))