The Most Hurtful One-liner N Blurted Out - What Was Yours?

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What an absolute bastard. Sorry if you have feelings for him, but what an ass. I have heard many of those, topped off with: "Being with her only solidified what you and I have." Did I really put up with all of that day after day?
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The amazing thing is that I
The amazing thing is that I didn't leave straight after one of these sentences.... The most painful sentence was his last sentence to me, before he dumped me... I love you. We are a team, dont' forget it. We are going to fix everything together. passionate kiss-merciless DUMP within 12 hours... It's like going to hug someone, but stab him actually... It was hard. But I survived... I am making a huge progress. Especially today. I don't see him as a bastard. I see him as a sad bunch of vomit on a piece of dogshit in the rain with some blond hair.
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Hard to Leave - Anabelle
I think the reason we don't leave after these remaks is that the part of our brain that sends out the red flags (fight or flight) is shut down due to the years of abuse. We become numb. For me, it sometimes took several days for the impact of his cruel statements to hit me. At first, I couldn't process or I dissociated from the remark because it was so hidious. I lived in denial for years.
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100% tresor2
You are so right... This post was a great idea, because I HAD TO THINK of those sentences... I hide these sentences so deep down into my mind to protect my heart, that I had to recall them... crazy... numb and destroyed...
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I didn't leave either...
Because he kept giving me the, "I can see myself coming back to you." bullshit. I see mine in the same light only with greying curly hair (yes, dear, that is grey hair - sorry, it happens to the best of us...) :)
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I guess curly hair is a
I guess curly hair is a must. I will name my Prickhard... what's your crapmen's name??? :)))
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Oh Anabelle...
I think he will forever be known as; Horseclippers LMFAO right now!!! Yes, I admit it, he was quite hairy and I trimmed him with horse clippers. He called me Sacagawea because I told him I felt like Lewis and Clark trying to find his nipples. If he has happened onto this site there is no way he would not know that it's me.
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Great Names!
I simply call him "Fuckhead!"
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Glad to hear that you didn't inadvertently clip the family jewels.
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My dear, I would have had to get REALLY close to accomplish that. And I lost my reading glasses months ago... ;)
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LOL-The Jerk Got Lucky
Lucky him you lost your reading glasses and couln't find a magnifying glass. Seems like these psychos spend their lives dodging bullits or scissors.
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.... pfff
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During the D&D "You don't want me to be happy, you're going to make sure I have nobody new" (this after discovering his lies about his next target that I found out about and confronted. "You're a fucking bitch!" "It's always all about you, isn't it?" "Even if I wanted someone else, you're going to make sure I don't have it". "You're flabby" "Why do you always do that?" "You're way too sensitive to shit" "Well maybe if you'd stop bitching me out we could have a relationship" "I'm tired of your constant assumptions" "false accusations/assuming again " (this was his favorite of all) "Why do you always think the worst of me? You call me a liar and then you find out I'm telling the truth!" WTF?? "You always make me out to be some terrible person"
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Ah so you've met my exnh then
Ah so you've met my exnh then
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Hurtful comments
3 weeks before I moved in with him: You can move into my house, because I don`t want to see you on the street, but we are not together anymore. Around 2 months later, in front of my son and his girlfriend: Can`t you talk your old landlord into taking you back or something? Before going off on a three-week business trip: I`m not interested in talking to you, I`m not interested in living with you, in fact I`m not interested in you, period. There was plenty more, I think I`ve suppressed a lot of painful memories.
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You're wierd/creepy Always
You're wierd/creepy Always said when i'd just poured my heart out during moments of D&D - it cut like a knife that he hadn't realised the desperation in my pleading not to leave me. However when re-hoovering if he acted/said the same things it wasn't wierd or creepy it was acceptable!! Another one was an old post i saw on FB the other day from this time 1 year ago. Mt status read 'JMi has no money, no job and no idea whats gonna happen in life but is the happiest i've ever been' N commented 'what are you so happy about??' as if he was jealous I commented 'i'm marrying you in December!!' He never re-commented - he was obviously feeling the same.....NOT!!!! Typical behaviour!
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"YOU COULD HAVE MADE ME HAPPY" this after years of being with him! Love the way every time he D&Dd me he would hug me and say he was sorry! And you could tell he had been crying his eyes were swelled up and blood shot!
uk lady
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It's always about you
That was the absolute clincher. After years and years of trying to help him, understand him, even go to therapy sessions on his behalf, be there for him in times of family troubles etc, help him with work place accusations of bullying (with the OW - unbeknown to me at the time), dramas with his N mother, problems with his numerous ongoing workplace dramas, his neurosis and his general lack of consideration for me. Felt it was time to take a bow at this last, and final comment. Enough was enough, get on with it fella, this train had definitely left the station for the last time and going somewhere more appreciative and better for my health. Dee x
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UK Lady
I heard that sentence uttered by him MORE than once.
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After both of us consulted
After both of us consulted with a divorce attorney for me, and I found an apartment. "you thought we were in a relationship" "We're just friends" Hunter
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There are a few...
"You're a bitch!" "You were a terrible home maker." "You don't know what a man needs." "You don't know how to treat a man." "You're a terrible cook." This all after 20 years together and 5 children. This is so very painful for me. I cooked and cleaned for years. I homeschooled and took care of EVERYTHING, but not myself. Because if I was taking care of me I would have left that f-ing loser a long time ago.
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Mine was:
After I had been beat down, disabled and depressed. "Look at you, who would want to have sex with you"
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"If you would just have sex with me more often, I wouldn't yell at you so much"
Done sourcing
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She used this coming and going
"I am a one man woman", she used it when I found out about the other man, saying she couldnt help herself. And she has tried to use the same line to get me to believe that if I took her back she wouldn't stray because she is a one man woman. Yeah, I can trust that kind of thinking. Not! Whack job. A question I ponder is "where do they come from and where can you go to buy a ticket to send them back there?" ds
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There's one that stands out
There's one that stands out in my mind, too. After calling me his wife, and spouse, and talking about getting married, in the early months... someone posted on good ol' fb about the 12 days of Christmas song. He said "Well, I'm sure not thinking about any golden rings..I'm Sure you understand" in that smarmy way of his..little smirk on his face and all. This was before the D&D, but after he'd starting working up to it. I remember my heart sinking even lower, the feeling of being kicked in the gut.. Asses.. all of them!!!
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"I didn't need
"I didn't need you...." Which, on the surface, may not seem so bad. But looking back, I believe this was hurled at me specifically because I sincerely needed to be appreciated and validated as a person. And he knew how much it would hurt me. (And it simply wasn't true...)
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We aren't "together", we are
We aren't "together", we are just "friends"
Pride and Shame
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Best One-liner
"You think too much"
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I got that one, and "you like
I got that one, and "you like to make things too complicated."
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no comment...