The Most Hurtful One-liner N Blurted Out - What Was Yours?

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Here a couple of doozies: 1.
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I'm Not Alone, Needed This Post!
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Damn my dick is so sore from
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Promise me
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"To be fair I'd still fuck
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After learning about his
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Holy sheep
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Holy Sheep
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"Do you...
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"Maybe I'll just beat the

God sometimes removes a person from your life for your protection. Don't run after them.

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A classic
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I said " if I had l known
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He usually targeted my biggest fears about myself
Jenna H
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Heard so many of these!
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One of many
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nasty comments
a girl
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The most hurtful recent one
The most hurtful recent one was, upon my discovering his affair: "I didn't really consider it an affair, because as far as I was concerned, our relationship was over and I was moving on to my next relationship."
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The dark cloud
mine use to always tell me that he hated coming home because there was always a dark cloud that followed me was funny he would say that because that is how myself and my roomate felt about him..he had no clue that our roomate knew what kind of person he was ...since he always talked shit about me to her she would tell me and i would tell her what he said to me about her...he told me that my roomate didnt like being home and wasnt around because of me...little did he know it was because of him and i knew that he was making it all up ...lies upon lies ... then he moved some other girl in the house into his room while i still lived there got drunk came in my room professing his undying love for me and then had the nerve to tell me if it ok with you she is staying in the room with me tonight ... by then i had enough and was already making plans to move back to the west coast...i got a ton of em
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hurtful one liners
Someone's post just reminded me of this one: Him "If you would just do exactly what I tell you to do, we wouldn't have any problems at all." AND SO....he used to tell me to get the f*ck out of his house all the time...and guess what? I got the f*ck out of his house and he was right. We don't have any problems at all now!!! :-)
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omg.thats exactly he tells me all the time
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omg.thats exactly he tells me all the time
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My personal fave!
You're a damaged piece of dog shit with deep seeded issues and you and I both know this.... Running a close second is: I behave this way because you make me. Everything is all your fault! Monique
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i heard that one all the time
Heard it time and again, "you make me mean". WTF?
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The one I heard a lot while
The one I heard a lot while being D&D'd many times. "I hope you get the help and meds you need" and when coming back after a 40 days of the silent treatment. "dont do any more dumbshit and I wont leave you again"
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Your post actually made me laugh today. Don't do anymore dumb shit and I won't leave you again"! That one is classic hall of fame narc crap right there! I've heard facsimiles of that one before too and yeah, I was told I needed intense therapy and meds also... Lol Monique
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Haha...I can actually think of a lot more things that he told me. I said back to him " that is pretty subjective, how do I know if I am doing dumb shit?" He says "Well if it involves me and I think its dumb dont do it!" p.s. Next time I am down south I am totally meeting you for a movie and wine:) I go down there a lot!
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Oh, you just reminded me of
Oh, you just reminded me of another goodie.... "Maybe we can continue in this relationship without breaking up if you don't go running at the mouth and tell me what bothers you about me...." This is truly a classic.....
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My favourite one liners
I had been listening to a radio show about sociopaths and was morbidly fascinated and shocked by the program. My ex said, "You know, you're fascinated by that program because you think you're a sociopath". WOW!!! And the one thrown at me every other day for three years... "You know there are two people in this relationship. It always has to be about YOU doesn't it? Well what about MY feelings? You're so nasty to me, you're so horrible to me". Translate as... "It's about ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME and you're getting too clever and one day you're gonna suss me out and then you'll leave just like everyone else does because I am actually a pathetic heap of human junk!"