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*note: I met him through XXXXXXX, where he's the most charming, sensitive, sweetest man you've ever laid eyes on...


Bravo! Encore! You deserve an Oscar....I'm clapping for you my friend, I really am. What an incredible act!

If only your fans could see the true you: your lack of empathy and humanity. How you leave a sad parade of emotionally spent humans in your wake without an ounce of conscience or guilt. Young, old, doesn't matter your target. How you're constantly sniffing out the next steaming hole like a shit-matted dog. If they found out the real you .....they'd be sick enough to vomit.

Keep that in the back of your mind, OK pal? Don't fucking forget what a sociopath you are. I know it's easy to do when you're numb and emotionless.

What a life you have lead. You must be proud. No, really, I think you're PROUD of the number of people you've used. It pumps your ego, doesn't it? The only time you can really feel anything, right? When you're high after screwing over someone else. You're disgusting.

I'm not much of a psychic or anything, but I predict you're going to die alone with nothing on your gravestone but the gobs of spit of those whose lives you've ruined. Seeing as you're unable to connect to other people beyond the surface of things, I don't even need to HOPE that your life will be unhappy. Because it will be, and it will go on and on with no end in sight. You can't escape yourself, can you? Your pointless life follows you wherever you go, however far you drive, however many girls you 'hit and quit'...

You'll never escape. And that makes me smile. It makes me so happy that I want to sing a song, and dance a jig.

How you carry around such a massive ego is beyond me. I have to laugh. At least you're happy with your delusions. Any average dude can screw a bunch of women, it doesn't magically make him handsome, or special. It doesn't mean anything. Your life doesn't mean anything, because you only live for yourself.

Jun 12 - 12AM
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Oh my gosh... I LOVED

Feb 20 - 9AM
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thumbs up!

Jan 31 - 5AM
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Well said! U couldve written

Dec 12 - 4PM
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Haha . . . "Going to die alone