Received email today, where STBXH states that he misses kids and I this morning. This past weekend, I am called abusive. I think he is trolling dating sites, due to the spam messages I am receiving addressed to him, we are writing drafts on the divorce decree, he is living with his GF and her children, and I receive an email titled, "missing you guys this morning."

Just when I think things might be getting to "normal," I relize there is no such thing as normal with P's.


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He's not up to something. He's DELUSIONAL! He thinks things that go on in his head really happen. I may be starting trouble here but I think it would be so great if you forewarded that email to his gf! YOU TELL LIES LIKE A CHILD SPEAKS THE TRUTH SO GOOD YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW ~LISA SCOTT~(go to music tab) nolongercontrolled
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The thought of sending the gf his email has crossed my mind. But honestly, she has had so many times where the evidence has been placed right in front of her face and she still stays! Somehow, I just think she would buy his next round of bs if she received his email to me. Right now, I just want my papers signed. Who knows, maybe gf will get a care package as soon as divorce is final. Then she can't by into the idea that I am just trying to get him back. The divorce will be done, and she will have the lovely remains...him.
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You beat me but hey we can have two WTF FORUMS, maybe I should have had one that said WTH, that would have been ok too I guess, ha ha
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I'm sorry, but I miss you to me means, I MISS ABUSING YOU. Of course he will never be normal??? The only normal is being far away from Poultry Pete.
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POULTRY PETE!! That's a keeper!! "missing you guys this morning." Missing controlling and abusing you and having those innocent children to use as props when I need to look respectable and feel good about myself. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ My Abuse Information Site Online Coaching & Help
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Malloy, don't take him at his weakest. You will only regret it, because at his weakest he is at his worst. He may be reminicing,,,WTF. He is trying to manipulate you back into submission. Do you want to live in submission. Misery?"
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Oh, it is not about me going back. That is never going to happen. He is always up to something, and this is another something. He was too amiable with my lawyer, to willing to work with kid's therapist, and now is playing super loving parent. He is totally up to something, but I just haven't figured out what it is. Always need to stay two steps ahead of these manipulators.
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He's saying he's missing you all because he knows the control is coming to an end, because of your divorce, and he wants to reel you in. He's playing super dad to look good to his GF to reel her and make you look bad. Mine has and is doing all this................. they're so NOT unique

Ending the dance

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he's f-d in the head and a ChickenF**ker too. NEVER NEVER try to judge them on NORMAL terms - they are NOT NORMAL and NOT HUMAN. send to lawyer and therapist document document since you're "starving" him - he's recycling old ploys to see if they will work: ~~~~~~~~~~~~ My Abuse Information Site Online Coaching & Help
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Sounds to me also that his new fantasy/supply gf isnt as exciting as it was in the beginning. Maybe they had a little tiff, or she saw a piece of the real him. Who knows. You and the kids are just supply and he's creeping around and sniffing the air to see if there's anything to consume. Creep.
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I imagined it the same as 4joys. He's low on supply in his new home for some reason. So barfy.