Why does he keep coming back?

I have moved to a different state, I am leaving the country in a couple of months, I have told him in no uncertain terms that I will never be with him, that he is crazy, I know he has been with other women, and that I know has lied to me about everything. I have told him that I am never going to see him again and to move on, yet he keeps coming back, why? Is it about him continuing to try and control me from another state? Is it just because he hasn't found another unsuspecting victim yet, will he go away once he finds someone else?

I am truly astounded, I said some truly horrible things to him in the hopes that he would actually put me in the classification of a "crazy ex" and never want to speak to me again, and he still came back! I didn't hear from him for a month, and I was healing, there were days that I struggled and missed him, but I brought myself to a point where I remembered the lowest times of our relationship to move past the desire to contact him.

Crazy bastard.

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He wants to wring the last drops of supply out of you. Because he's a narc, he doesn't really feel any guilt or remorse or even shame, which would stop a normal person.
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Remember words are just words to a N. Words have no meaning when they say it so words have no meaning when you say it... I have learned with my N, that actions speak louder than words... I had to get down right nasty with my N in the last week... I think this time he finally got it... Mine has been hoovering for the past month and he stepped across the line last week... Well, I let him have it with words last week... They meant nothing... This week I followed it up with action... I do believe he got the hint... At least he better have, cause two can definitely play this game... WHO NEEDS MEN WHEN THERE ARE HORSES!!! THIS JACKNUT STILL HAS ME SPINNING, BUT I AM PISSED AS HELL!! HE WILL NOT NOT TAKE ME DOWN, CAUSE I GROW STRONGER EVERYDAY!
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He is a Narcissist!! Hunter