When one does the work

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When one does the work

The self is a calm stable center surrounded by a continuous changing sea. Merge with yourself and be ready for any emergent sea.
--Coretta Scott King

Wise ones tell us to be true to ourselves. Being true to ourselves means daring to disagree with a loved one, even when we know it might cause painful tension. It means refusing to go along with the group's plans if our values are being ignored. It means standing alone, if necessary, in our family of origin if their expectations of us no longer nurture our growth.

We are learning who we are. We have recognized our shortcomings, and we have defined the assets that make our lives productive and enviale. Each day we are getting closer to knowing more completely the "inner person" who is calm and centered, unruffled by the external activity.

I can be calm and centered today if situations get tense. My "inner self" will take my hand and give me the words I need..

Doing the inner work on ourselves takes, courage, time, and patience. They don't change or get better, we do. When you get onboard with this truth, it's a game changer and you begin to see results. Your life gets better and you feel better.

Look inside for your answers, there are no answers in what they are doing, more so a template into where YOU are at and what YOU are allowing into your precious life.

We have one life, let's make it the best one possible.

Together and healing,

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