What do people think

is the difference between someone who's just passive-aggressive and someone who's actually got full-blown NPD? Is the former better than the latter (better in the sense of being liveable-with?). I'm not saying dealing with a passive-aggressive is a day at the beach either, but surely they are not as bad as full-blown narcs?

I'm really confused as to which mine is, if indeed either. Anyone got any good definitions or comparisons?

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I'm going to read your story.
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I re-read your story. Your story is HUGE. Anybody who can write so much & be so confused & so traumatized has been in a pathological relationship. The man is toxic to you. He sorely used you. Tossed you away like a dirty kleenex. Who cares if he's a narcissist, a psychopath, or whatever? I have no doubt that he is a self-absorbed & useless prick. That's enough of a diagnosis. He's not changing. If he does come back to you, then next round of D&D will make this one a picnic.
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Im living proof of that.