I had a wonderful evening........saw the movie "The Help" tonight. It was great! I absolutely loved it! If you get a chance, go see it! You will laugh, cry, smile, gasp.......it was truly a beautiful piece of work........

Anyhow, before I get too far off the reason for my post..........

I get home and log on to my computer and am imbed by a friend of mine asking if I want a really good laugh. Sure, why not, right? She tells me to log onto Match.com and see the new picture he has on his profile......why bother? Right? Well, I ignored it, didn't bother looking. She then texts me and asks what I think, I told her I didn't have any desire to look. She said "oh but quite the contrary". I looked, and let me tell you, it was hysterical as promised. He wears his hair completely different. His features look oddly different. He looks like a little weasel of a man! What happened to the gorgeous, Adonis type creature? Ha! He never existed, even his look was an illusion. No wonder everyone thought he looked like a gay ballet dancer! I didn't see that, but they all did. I can honestly say that I see what they all saw when we met him now. And to think, I slept with this guy? Too funny!

Just wanted to share........... :)

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One of my favorite posts yet!! Thank you for the laugh!!
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A gay ballet dancer?? LMAO! That is HILARIOUS!
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Yeh, lean, toned, wirey like a woman, but a man. He actually is very muscular because he is a runner, but he was so lean he actually was able to get a pair of my skinny jeans on (because they are stretchy, I hope thats why) and I am a size 2. LOL Creepy huh? He wears skinny jeans himself that he has to buy at Banana Republic because he is a 28 inch waist. Can't find jeans anywhere else that fit. Honestly, I suggested the boys department at Sears. LOL Silverback gorilla? I will have to google that to see what it looks like. Other then a weasel, I would say mine looks like a crow. A crow with a big ass beak. LOL
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Oh my gosh this had me laughing this morning! I am trying to picture this guy, I mean, weasel in my head....hahaha! Mine looks like a silverback gorilla....no joke.....acts like one too........... LOL!
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When I first met my exN I almost did a double-take... yes he was that ugly. He adored me... that's why I fell for him. And I thought I was a wonderful and special person for seeing past the ugliness into his poor, beautiful heart. When I met him he was in radio. I remember talking to my best friend on the phone and telling her about him, she quipped 'does he have a face for radio?' as a joke, but it totally threw me because YES he does have a face for radio! Mum referred to him once as 'pizza face'. There are only about two people she hates in this world, and yep, he's one of them. He's no longer in radio, they fired his ass earlier this year. Seems no one really likes him, and those few people around him (mainly his family) just feel sorry for him. My god, I fell in love with an UGLY LOSER!!!! At least the next guy will look super hot and awesome in comparison. Pearl
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Sounds like a slimy booger to me!! Mirror,Mirror Hunter
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Sparrow, good questions: WHY did we pick that guy and why did we even sleep with them . .. ? Looking at that now, my only answer is that I must somehow have been drugged unknowingly . . .
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We don't pick them, they pick us............. I must have just yearned for the love and touch of a man after my husband left. I look at him now and just shake my head. Lol........he had a great, toned, athletic body. Sported six pack abs as well. I remember saying to my girlfriends after my husband left, that the next guy was going to have a six pack. Lol. Be careful what you wish for! But his weasel like face...........with his huge beak of a nose and his big head........too funny. No physical attraction what so ever now. And of course, his personality.............it became a running joke with friends and family, how he constantly talked about himself. People would interrupt me,as a joke and say..... "but wait, there's more about me". LOL
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Why? They are predators, they pick a weak link to our souls work it , then destroy it. My narc to me now looks old and ugly , he looks warn out! My friends couldn't understand the attraction. I have to agree! Looking back, yup, What was I thinking! Hunter
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Amazing! Yes, that's exactly how I view my narc too! Old, Ugly, worn out, not good for anything at all. I had to talk myself into being open to him. First time I took a good look at my narc - I was absolutely repulsed! God, he was so ugly! Nasty looking! So, I took pity on this dude to my everlasting regret. I wish I'd went with my initial reaction to him and passed him by! But hey, I did get a fairly nice computer out of it, some equipment I needed like a washer and chain saw, plus cash, and a credit card he paid for including him paying down my credit card with very effort effort on my part. We never even had sex, or even me becoming his slave. Thank goodness cancer and a new OW came along to save me from myself and him. She saved me! hahaha. LOL. His loss in every way!
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Sparrow, I can't wait to feel the way you are feeling right now. I am jealous, but i am smiling for you. That has got to make you feel good. :0)