From Warrior with love

Dear Valentina,

You have the same name of my daughter, it’s a beautiful name.

I saw you in his FB page. I’m not proud of my snooping, but I did it. You will never receive this letter. I’m not sending it, as you wouldn’t believe me, but I’m trying to save you with my thoughts. Magical thinking, which I’ve been training myself on for many years.

You are beautiful and your smile is beautiful. I saw your photos in the same places I visited with my guy, now your guy. Same photos, exactly the same. The trips, the long conversations with a sensitive guy, the black and white photo album he will make especially for you, hearing about his sad past, the sweet words, the passionate sex. Feeling the most attractive woman on Earth. And thinking that all those things are unique, when they are the repeatition of a long time proven successful formula.

I will tell you what comes next. At a certain point, I don’t know how long it will take, a strange vibe will replace the loving environment that embraces you today. You will not be able to grasp exactly what happened or when. Silence, the strange impression that he is not seeing you, as if you weren’t there. Signs of boredom. Maybe you will confuse it with the intimacy of a relationship that has developed into a new confortable stage.

Someday you will find out that he is not that into you anymore and will try harder to retrieve the love you think he felt for you not that long ago. You will get some, sometimes. Hot and cold will drive you into a state of permanent anxiety. You will loose your ability to live in the present. It will be about remebering what happened and trying to anticipate what comes next.

Maybe you, a wonderful, successful and self-confident woman will start to snoop, searching for evidence that he is cheating on you. Maybe you will find it. Maybe you will be smarter than me and run without looking back.

I wish that you will not have to live 4 rounds of torture before leaving him. I wish you will not have your soul devastated as I had mine. I wish you all the best.


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