Trying to move forward

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Trying to move forward

First let me say I'm so glad I searched the Internet and found this site. I was involved for 2 1/2 years with a narc. I was not happy and many times told him I was leaving. Well come to find out he was after checking his phone records, he was talking to some girl he dated from his past. He kicked me out of the house on the last day of September. She moved in the same day. It only last two months with her she was married. Well now hes calling me wanting to try and work things out. I'm so mad at myself for even entertaining him. He's not changed it's all just mind games. Now after dealing with him for the past 3 months it's nothing but heartache all over again. Please help to be able to move on from him. I love him but I know he will never change. I have been so depressed.. Just thinking I'm never going to get over him. When I'm strong and igorne him. He will text me and say I love you and can't live my life without you. Please someone help me!!!

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take a step back and look at

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Get out while you can

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