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#1 Dec 19 - 11AM
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This is fucking GOODBYE!
I can't believe u started a fight of this nature now at this time n my life. Did u think I was going to allow it HELL NAWL.
First I'm tired of walking on eggshells so is my daughter. I'm tired of u telling me that u don't wanna be wit me I'm tired of being stuck n the house im tired of watching what I say n tiptoeing around so u won't get upset. Which u get pissed about everything neway. I'm tired of ur selfish sex tired of picking up ur shit tired of waiting u hand and foot tire of never having my needs met tired of ur late nite texts tired of not being secure here tired after 20 years of bullshit. Im tired of it all. N I'm
Done with u.
U hurt my child. Im tired of not protecting her from watching her mother get emontionly abused. I'm tired of u standing with a threading manner like u gonna fuck me up. I'm tired of not knowing when u r going 2 hit me. In really really tired of it being all my fault.
I said I was sorry I had so much other stuff going on n u couldn't let me be. IM TIRED OF EVERYTHING BEING ABOUT U.
I'm done wit u
I'm tired of not having friends nemore I have pushed every1 away. Although suma those people needed to leave so I am grateful for that.
I still live with u but I'm tired of that too n I'm glad u left but my child n I know u coming back. I used to think its something wrong with but know I KNOW UR ASS IS FUCKED UP N THE HEAD! The way I came 2 u n the way Im leaving u is so different never was broke now I'm always broke. I'm tired broke broken but I'm grateful that I'm finally done wit u. I will not be hateful I will not feed ur disorder n even thou I'm still n ur house I'm already no contact.
I see u the mask is off n I'm done!

Dec 19 - 5PM
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Thank u K. Girl I don't wanna

Dec 19 - 4PM
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Thats a Step!