Sunday night cd

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#1 Nov 26 - 3PM
Very happy girl
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Sunday night cd

So I am finally comfortable enough to post on this 4-6 forum. Big step! But does anyone else ever have Sunday night CD? I am also waiting to watch Liz and dick on lifetime tonight, I have been dying to watch it. But part of me is hoping it won't trigger more CD! I am so clear and I am progressing everyday, but I have a weird feeling of I don't know what now that I am moving on.
Sunday nights just get to me!!!!


Nov 27 - 12PM
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CD on the weekends for me

Nov 27 - 8AM
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Once you set in motion new

Nov 26 - 5PM
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Sunday CD...

Nov 30 - 6PM (Reply to #3)
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Nov 27 - 4PM (Reply to #2)
Very happy girl
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