Stonewalling information

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#1 Jul 23 - 7AM
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Stonewalling information

Hello... well i am very happy to say i am finally ACCEPTING the obvious.
I did ' see ' it before but i didnt want to accept it.. i didnt want it to be true.. and i am not making excuses but after 30 years i think because i didnt know anyone else and i was completley brainwashed ... i just couldnt grasp the enourmity of it...

So im reading and researching and finding all kinds of stuff out..

I have realised that when i did try and have a normal conversation with him.. and it ended in him threatening to leave... that was 100% pure manipulation and guilt tripping.
I didnt know it was part of the stonewalling but i do now.

Can someone please point me to any links that i can read about stonewalling .. thank you...
Also i am now making arrangments to leave again... i cannot do it immeadiatley as i need money and i need to get some stuff sorted but i WILL leave and it WILL be be for good this time... im basically dealing with a stone... thank you Goldie xxx