Starving a Predator

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Starving a Predator

by Kathy Krajco

Every interaction with a narcissist is a competition, and the narcissist always wins.

Narcissists win hands down every time, because they will stoop to anything. Despite how absolutely successful their strategy is, we wouldn't trade places with them.

Why? For basically the same reason we wouldn't trade places with a lower life form, a lower animal.

A tiger or a pack of wolves will beat and eat us every time, too. But we couldn't bear to get down to their level and be as they are. We can't bring ourselves to "eat it raw," so to speak. We can't bear to be such killing machines.

Our humanity prevents it. This level of behavior would be an indignity to it. We would rather die human than live like a wild animal.

But not everybody feels that way. Some think nothing of stooping to such dirty, lowdown tactics as the narcissist and psychopath. They don't think it's beneath them. Nothing is beneath them. How low can they go? There is no bottom to how low they can go.

They just think it's funny to make fools of people so. They have no more humanity toward their human victim than a great white shark has.

Guess why?

The things they do are sickening. We would rather crawl naked on our bellies in sewage than degrade our human status by such behavior. But this puts us at a disadvantage with narcissists. They will always win because of it.

The only solution is to recognize the signs and stay away from them. If they can't get close enough to anyone to parasitize, they will starve.