Self Love

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#1 Jul 27 - 7AM
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Self Love

"You don't need to change yourself, you need to love yourself."

A couple of weeks ago we were taking about what LOVE looks like to you in terms of how you love and how you RECEIVE love, in Support Group. We discussed how your perception of love may differ when in a physical relationship with a man vs your other relationships. Also how it may differ when loving and accepting yourself vs loving others. We cannot fully experience a healthy love in a relationship if we don't love ourselves. If it is all give and little receive, eventually we will burn ourselves out. There needs to be a healthy flow, a give and take.

What does the above quote mean to you today?

Please feel free to answer here if you like.

Peace and loving ourselves today,
Goldie xo

Ps, My first reaction upon reading the quote today was (in terms of those still in a relationship with a Narc or still wanting them back) you will most likely continue to engage whether it be physically or mentally, if you don't love yourself or you are struggling to remember what loving yourself looked like prior to the Narc invasion on your self esteem. Perhaps you never truly loved yourself, perhaps you did and now you don't.

What do you think? Food for thought.