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#1 Apr 25 - 8AM
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Well, I found out that a female that I thought was one of my best friends is actually a Narc. Not only am I almost divorced from a N/Psychopath freak, now her. I am sad because I have/had been friends with her for over 15 years. I guess the mask is off now, isn't it? After seeing how she used me last summer, and watching her discard four decent guys in the past year and 1/2, it is sad because it seems like it just happened to her, although I am sure it was always in her to do this. She was married for 17 yrs, but after he took off for someone younger, new baby, better job, etc, my friend went off the deep end. She is desparately trying to hook yet another guy (god help him) and did she ever devalue me the past couple of days. Well, good thing I know about this crap or it would get to me worse. At least, after being on this site for a few months and also dealing with my phsycho ex N, I can deflect what she says and look at it with more distance. Now I feel sorry for her kids - I hope her daughter doesn't end up like her. But, as Hunter has said before, if you listen closely, they tell you who they are and I have heard her tell me who she is over the past few months. Guess I'll add her to my NC list.

Apr 30 - 4AM
no more an echo
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My 'Narc-dar' is Working Better These Days!

Apr 25 - 11AM
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Hark Hark.. There are plenty

Apr 25 - 11AM (Reply to #2)
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Oh I know. You just never

Apr 25 - 11PM (Reply to #3)
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Ya that is a rough situation

Apr 29 - 10AM (Reply to #4)
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I was thinking the same thing as GSO

Apr 29 - 10AM (Reply to #5)
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Goldie and GSO, Thank you