Rick Springfield and His Wife

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Rick Springfield and His Wife

I just saw an interview with the singer/ actor / Jessie's Girl - Rick Springfield.

Apparently, he's being married to Barbara (his wife) since 1984. He's cheated on her sooooo many times until in the year 2000s. In the interview, he didn't even remember how many times he's cheated on her.

He's explained during the interview and in his book,he's always suffered from depression and his fame was one of the reasons why he cheated - because girls were available to him.

Do any of you know any of his stories? My question is that do you think he is a Narc? my ex-N cheated on me so many times. I stood by him through his hard time, high and low. but I eventually walked away from my ex. but why do you think rick springfield's wife stood by him? he's now thanking her stood by him for all these years... he claims that he's finally a changed a man, who's now 61-years-old...

Oct 31 - 4PM
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Rick's memoirs...another and different POV

I'm a longtime fan of RS, and yes, I read the book. Twice. The first read through I was all sympathetic, but I'll admit the 2d time around, things started sticking out in my mind that definitely made me go hmmm...but not enough for me to turn my back and say I'll no longer remain a fan. Why? Because I know that many very talented and powerful people throughout history generally have been naracissistic and not very kind to their nearest and dearest. I've heard some rather negataive stories about the way Ghandi treated him family, and thanks to the FBI surveillance, we all know that MLK cheated repeatedly on his wife Coretta...but yet no one dares to jugdge him as harshly as you are judging RS. Yes, based on what I know of NPD, I would agree that much of what Springfield writes does seem to reads a lot more like narcissistic personality disorder than depression. However, to be fair, isn't it possible for a person to have both disorders..and one play off the other, perhaps? I can't help but wonder that in order for someone to become famous or powerful, they almost have to have a bit of narcissism in them in order to have the drive to get to where they are. Most of the memoirs I've read of the famous and rich tend to be like that. Look at the Mackenzie Phillips memoir where she admits consensual incest with her father. Not once did she show true remorse about it...but yet no one is slamming her the way you're slamming RS about his sexual indiscretions. I believe that while there may be some qualities pointing towards 'narcissism', I don't believe he is a true narcissist at all...and those who read the book thorough and with an open mind will realize he sees he is a flawed individual, a sinner like all of us...and like all of us, someone who is in need of God's love and mercy. As for why his wife Barbara doesn't leave him? Is it possible that despite it all...that she knows him better than anyone else, and that she really and truly loves him unconditionally and stays BY CHOICE. Some people take their marriage vows seriously...and maybe she's one of 'em..and if that is the case, then who are any of us to judge or assume that she is somehow wrong, bad, stupid, unenlightened, "co-dependent" or whatever. (and whoever said she's still with him because she's not been to that blog...that is an arrogant statement if ever I heard one.) Sorry, but I can't help but wonder if perhaps you have your own agenda when you decided to "review" this book...and that was just so you can promote your own book, and get a few licks in edgewise.
Oct 31 - 4PM (Reply to #16)
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Stella Maris

This is an interesting first post. I'm curious that you would challenge a member here so quickly. As a new member yourself, perhaps you should review the code of conduct and the mission of this board prior to participating further.
Oct 21 - 5PM
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Rick Rick...

I watched Rick's interview with Joy Behar, she was asking him about the sexual relationship he had with Linda Blair when he was 22 and she was 15, he didn't really want to talk about it since she blatantly pointed out how illegal it was, but you could tell he was unapologetic when he came right out and said she was the pursuer, she "came after him" and how much her parents liked him (huh?). I used to ADORE Rick Springfield...but there is a way he speaks of his numerous affairs like part of him is getting off bragging about it, and also the way he talks about his wife and how she is so great to stick by him, but it seems without real emotion or depth...it reminds me of my old narc. He used to talk about what a good wife he had, but he had absolutely no respect for her as he was trying to lure me into an affair with him....in my opinion Rick does have narc traits.
Oct 21 - 5PM (Reply to #14)
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Correction to my post...

When Rick had the relationship with Linda Blair, he was 24 (not 22) and she was 15..
Oct 20 - 4PM
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It is difficult to label all

It is difficult to label all cheaters as Narcs and I would seriously hesitate on doing so. I dont know all the particulars of his story nor do I think the public knows. There are a distinct set of characteristics that a narcissist has. If he fits the protocol then yes I would say he more than likely is. But I dont think the public is privy to this information. I have not listened to any of his interviews. Much can be picked up by this such as the case with Jesse James and John Mayer. Just listen to those interviews and It is pretty evident. xoxo only one way to go...Forward (tm?)

only one way to go...Forward (tm?)

Oct 20 - 3PM
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Ladies, not to be cynical

Ladies, not to be cynical but let's face it. She stayed for the money! She stayed for the prestige of being married to a rock star. Lucky for her he is cute. There are women all over the place that stay with N's because of how much money they make. Their entire self image is based on who they are married to. I guess she rationalized it. At least he didn't beat her.
Oct 20 - 4PM (Reply to #11)
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Then she used him too :) I

Then she used him too :) I don't think that is too cynical at all. Apparently, the money and fame meant more to her than having a loving, faithful husband. Whether she admitted it to herself or not. Of course, since we have heard NOTHING from her, she could be so brainwashed that she is afraid to be on her own. Hillary Rodham Clinton didn't care either. She stood by HER man. I can't see her as the brainwashed type, though. More along the lines of a marriage of convenience.
Oct 20 - 4PM (Reply to #10)
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Who knows why she stayed. I

Who knows why she stayed. I mean, a lot of us stayed when there was NO money; cheating and horrible behavior... Peace. J

Peace. J

Oct 20 - 2PM
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I just watched a video of him, and he sais he is playing a rockstar in californication season 3. What a synchronicity, since the N played a rock producer in season 2. Ugh they are so pathetic these jerks, oh I am having a depression, oh I took drugs, oh now I changed my life, and oh I destroyed all my relationships, poor poor me. Ugh Go to hell idiot.
Oct 20 - 1PM
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Oh ferk that "I'm a changed

Oh ferk that "I'm a changed man". I'll bet he "thanks her" for standing by him all these years. I wonder how much she thanks HIM?? Big fat Narc.
Oct 20 - 2PM (Reply to #5)
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he wrote a book on what a

he wrote a book on what a big Narc he is? How shocking! LOL! Jesus. Can I just say a normal man would NOT write a book about this.
Oct 20 - 2PM (Reply to #6)
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ONLY a Narc would write a

ONLY a Narc would write a book about what a big fat Narc he is :D
Oct 20 - 6PM (Reply to #7)
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Briseis!!! you just really made me laugh out loud!!!!! so true!!!
Oct 20 - 12PM
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Rick is not a changed man

He is just too outdated to get the supply he once had..it's all talk, just like a Narc...as for his wife, she stayed because she did not find this site!!! I think it is easier to stay in a toxic relationship because of the fear of what will happen to me if I leave...wow!! what a false curtain that is..we all know, it's truely wonderful to be away from the NPD..knowledge is power, this woman is sick as well..such a brilliant concoction for disaster~
Oct 20 - 1PM (Reply to #2)
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you are so right tica!

you are so right tica! he is outdated. if he's 61 right now and he became "faithful" to his wife not until in the year 2000s, he was must be like in his 50's. you are so right! he couldn't or can't get his supply like what he used to be (he looked scary w a plastic surgery looking face on the wendy williams show this morning, btw). that's why he's come "clean" to the public and try to gain attention from others again. wow...
Oct 20 - 1PM (Reply to #3)
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YES StayStrong

ITS ALL ABOUT ATTENTION FOR THE NARC...NO MATTER WHAT THEY NEED TO SAY OR PORTAY THEMSELVES AS...thanks for the post, the only difference is that there is no difference :) keep learning and listening to the loud silence of No Contact