Relaspe Hell

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#1 Jun 9 - 12AM
Lisa Mitchell
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Relaspe Hell

I maintained nc for 3 weeks and then last Sunday I thought I just want to talk to him and made the mistake of texting him after I had changed my phone number....we talked for several days and then he ask me to come home... a couple of days were ok and then all hell broke lose...u see I caught him at the doc office with a woman who I know...see they are both on soboxone and this was him only givimg her a ride but he lied to me on this day saying that he was somewhere ekse and even ask him have u talked to becky and he said no anyway I'm furious that he turns everythiong around I'm a crazy jealous bitch and he wont tolerate it!!! I saw where they have talked on the phone over 70 tomes in the past 3 weeks..he deleted every text message which until we broke up he didnt text at all and now he text all the time.I read atext shw sent to him while I was up at his place over the weekend of corse he didnt know i read it and deleted it later.He said i onlt talk to her to get dope sje owns him money he never lets anyone owe him money hell he don't even work..I'm so pissed at him and myself gave hom 400 dollars this;s all about him he wanted sex and money and is probably sleeping wiyh her this whole time..i called her on his phone and he was furious thta i used his phone..before i caught them at docs office he rarely talked to her or would even tell me to give her a call but friendship has crossed over to affair because he was always open friendship and suddendly everthing about her is a secret am i crazy or r they having an affair??? I am crazy for going back. I cant sleep eat or think im obessing again over what hes doing....i feel like im losing my mind will i ever release the insanity??? I sometimes think i need to move far away from him. pkease help....hell i know im the only one to stop this but how

Jun 9 - 10AM
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You are not losing your mind

Jun 9 - 9AM
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The answer to the big question is simple, but not always easy.

Jun 9 - 8PM (Reply to #2)
Lisa Mitchell
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Thankyou Layla. I know that I

Aug 4 - 3AM (Reply to #3)
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Lisa, keep on this forum. I