Raising a psychopath:

Really fascinating blog. I spent a couple of hours reading it from beginning to end, last night.

It's a valuable tool to be able to do a compare and contrast between this boy, who is an extreme psychopath, the garden variety narcissist and the malignant narcissist. What traits are the same, similar and completely different.

I feel my narc with the strong psychopathic tendencies would have been a hard core psychopath had he been born into a very dysfunctional home and abused severely. He would have been a VERY dangerous man, a killer, or CEO of a multi-national corporation! LOL.

From Blog:

Lucas is living in a special house reserved for sexual offenders. They are focused on treating Lucas’s sexual problems and seem to be ignoring all his other issues, including his psychopathy. They aren’t interested in listening to us about all his non-sexual issues. They don’t want to hear that the sexual issues are merely a symptom of some much deeper problems.

They want to teach Lucas things like ‘victim empathy’. They play games like, “How would YOU feel if someone did these things to you?” They don’t understand that he wouldn’t feel anything. They don’t want to hear that he has no frame of reference to make a comparison like that. You can’t teach the color blue to someone who is blind. In his mind he is thinking, “I wouldn’t care if someone did those things to me, so it’s no big deal if I do them to someone else.”