peace the fuck out

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peace the fuck out

Its ironic to think about how when we first met I thought my mind was being blown by the connection we shared and now 6 years later I still have that feeling but in the sense that I was mind fucked. To know you is to know that the devil really does walk the earth. After 6 years of wondering was I good enough, am I doing enough, am I loving you right or do you deserve better I have realized that all you did was sweep in put me on a pedestal to only knock me down the second you realized I loved you. From than on you made me feel like I was nothing even to where you told me many times I meant nothing to you.
Here are the phrases that you so frequently said to me:
• You are nothing to me
• When are you going to die
• Swallow the whole bottle and just kill yourself
• I am going to put you in a wood box and bury you where no one will find you
• You think you’re the shit don’t you
• Your nothing but a bar slut
• I had to tell you that so you would shut the fuck up
• Every other man after me is going to fuck you and leave you like I did
• Your pussy stinks
• I don’t care if your skinny or fat I still will never want you
• Get your stomach fixed
• I can see why Maarion didn’t want you
• Are you always going to be orange from tanning

These are just a few that come to my mind immediately. You accused me of fucking everyone it didn’t matter if it was your cousin or my sisters boyfriend in your mind I was such a whore I would lay down with anyone. I would sit in my room for hours thinking of how I could make you understand how I felt only to tell you and you look at me with the most empty look.

The reality is you are a piece of shit you always have been and you always will be. The reality is you don’t want to work and the whole “I am getting my shit together” is bullshit its just an excuse for you to have a reason not to settle down with someone. The reality is you were never going to have a future in the music industry because you lack motivation and commitment. Its just sad that you actually have the skill you just allow it to go to waste like everything else in your life. The reality is you may have been a big time hustler back in the day but that was as a group because you should still be if you were able to do that solo before you would be able to do it solo now. The reality is you fuck up everything that you touch. Everything is around you is fucked up in someway and that’s why all the females in the past left you because they probably saw that you were in fact the devil. The reality is from day 1 you lied you didn’t even know me and you lied you are a pathological liar with no existence besides the bums you chill with. You have no job, no car, no apartment, no credit cards, no bank account, no license- nothing its as though you are a ghost just roaming the earth until your casper ass is done playing.
The reality is you are so pathetic the only groupie around that will associate with you is a teenager. The only females around that will think twice or give you time is a teenager that in itself proves how whack you are. I feel bad for your next victim because you will have them over and over again. When I think of you and our relationship I think about how you are like the old gum stuck on the bottom of my shoe and no matter what I do I can’t get it off so my only solution is throwing it out and getting a new pair.

These are a few thoughts that I have of you and the big man that you think you are:

You can’t fuck
The only way I could fuck you and have an orgasm was if I was high
You have skills musically but people don’t realize you copy a lot of shit
You have no skills – absolutely nothing that can make you a better person
You are a bitch steady chasin a dollar
You are nickel and dime hustler that stays talking about “back in the day”
Your only existence to life is hustling
You hang out with bums only so you don’t feel like as much of a bum
You are a bipolar schizophrenic pathological liar

My counselor said this would be a good way to get everything out because we all know that your bitch ass runs as soon as someone is about to give you a dose of reality. Honestly in my mind I laugh when I think of you because to me you are a joke through and through I am just one of the lucky ones that got to see the end of the joke. My heart breaks for you because you will never get the opportunity to know what real love feels like, what real emotions feel like, but I guess when you are the devil you don’t really care about those things.

When you seeked me out, basically stalking me for me to be with you you did it because you wanted me in your life because what I had you didn’t. I will always have what you don’t because people like you always don’t have shit. You can walk around with a new outfit and few dollars in your pocket and feel like you doing big things when in reality you are a little boy playing – a little boy who wants to hang out with his friends all day with no responsibility and someone who will cook for him and do his laundry.
I have a son and he is more of a man at 11 than you will ever be in your lifetime. I didn’t sign up to be someones mother and sorry but you are too much of a piece of shit for me to ever want to claim you as my child.

I will always be forever winning!
~The lucky One~