One year NC

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#1 Mar 30 - 11AM
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One year NC

Finally made it to one year no contact. Would have been back in January, but I'd left a crack open and she texted me last march - a fishing expedition from which I gave nothing and finally blocked all access.

So here I am, all better? No, but definitely a lot better. I still get mad, I still think about "it", but not all the time. I miss my dog, which still breaks my heart.

Life is really pretty good right now, I've taken time off from school and have just been working, and working on myself. Moved to a nicer place, in a better part of town, living more like an adult again, not like a student. It feels good.

Still have a ways to go, learning more along the way. Reconnected with an old girlfriend for a short fling while she was in town visiting at Christmas. It was great to experience being appreciated again, and what a difference to be with someone really decent, kind, and not selfish.

Keep your chin up! Life is getting better all the time.

Mar 30 - 12PM
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Congrats, Blairo!