OMG, I was so wrong

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#1 Apr 25 - 6PM
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OMG, I was so wrong

because I thought for sure I'd received the final discard. But yesterday, my ex-N, whom I hadn't heard from since April 8th, sent me a text message reminding me it was her daughters birthday on May 1st and that she "really wanted to do something special for her". (Narc speak, I need money from you to do something special for her or I just need money from you). I was so wrong as I am still in the hoovering stage, not final discard. Will these people stop at nothing to get supply? Using their own children as pawns to get supply? OMG! I want to reply chastising her for such crass conduct but what's the point? Like she will listen to me. Besides,doing so would break NC.

I am appalled at such conduct!

I've really got to get on my phone company about blocking international numbers. I've got to block this vampire's phone!

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Apr 26 - 8AM
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i have a child with my narc

Apr 26 - 7AM
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