"People suffering from narcissistic personality disorder are very good at manipulation."

I've read the above quote in every blog, article, and forum that I've visited.

However, I find this description falling a bit short.

Would we describe humans as being " Very Good Breathers?" Dogs as "Very Good Barkers?" Fish as "Very Good Swimmers?"

Narc's are Manipulators. It's deeper than just something that they are GOOD at. It is, to them as breathing is to humans.

Every action, every spoken word, kind, cruel and or indifferent is spoken or performed with an intention to harm.

There will never be a relationship for the NARC that isn't built through manipulation.

I'm not much of a writer, and I hope that I was able to convey my message in a way that explains the depth...or I suppose "Lack of Depth" that make up a NARC.

Thanks for reading.

The Delicious Italian

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Yes, this is so true....and now, for some strange reason, I am hungry for some lasagna......hahaha! ; )
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LOL, Several years ago, I purchased the domain with the intent to build a blog to support Narc's business marketing. Since then I have taken it back and made it MINE.
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It suits you! Hehehehe!!!!!!!!!!! : )