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#1 Mar 15 - 6PM
better off
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A new one

I stopped in an old forum I used to go to, as N has shown zero activity there and I wanted to say hi to a couple of people. Get a PM from a guy..."Where ya been, sunshine??? Missed ya."

I'm like screw you and the server you rode in on.

I barely know this guy. I had a couple very brief messages with him in the past, initiated by him of course, but I thought he was GAY. And later I realized he wasn't...and I quickly avoided any more. Now this. Oy.

My friend and I both thought he was gay because he always talked about his "partner" as opposed to girlfriend or wife. But he's British and another view was they are more prone to use that term, whereas in America it usually means gay partner. Looking back I'm sure this guy does it on purpose. NEVER uses a personal pronoun like *she* or *her*. Anyway he's a rank amateur compared to my N. ha ha