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New To The Crazy Train

New here and newly separated from my N gf who went back to her husband that she was in the process of divorcing. I am looking for support to help put my shattered pieces back together. This woman will tell you that the world does revolve around her, that she has no empathy for other, grew up only child with overwhelming sense of entitlement because everything was handed to her. Yes, I saw all the signs, but she was all those wonderful things you desired and dreamed to suck you and hook you. Fast forward a year and half. She told me she was going back to him, I said fine nothing I can do, but please respect my wishes to just let me be get through this. No contact. As we all know, respect my wishes to an N is meaningless, this I knew too.
It was pretty quiet with just a random text hear or there. She told me this week that she misses me, all the while playing house with her husband of the year. I told her that I missed her too, but she should really focus on her marriage and that I have entered counceling to try and get through this. The next day she said she missed me and I did not reply. 24 hours later, sent me a harmless question, I replied simply with a single response. This morning at 6:30am I get the following "I'm learning a lot about love.
Things I had completely backwards two years ago. I'm sorry".
I want to know what this means. Is she angry, why does she feel the need to hurt me with this information? Looking for direct answers as to what the N speak is telling me.

Apr 19 - 9AM
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Don't fall

Mar 10 - 9AM
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Trust me, she has not

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Scott B.
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From what I have read, and

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Block that $hit!

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