Narcissist Halloween Costume

My daughter and I were discussing what she could be for Halloween and my husband said she could go as a Narcissist. He knows I am obsessed with Narcissism (he just doesn't know the real reason). He said she could carry around two mirrors, but said only adults would get it. How would someone dress up like a narcissist for Halloween? Maybe you could wear a mask and alternate between the mask and the mirrors, lol.

Sorry for the silly post, but I need to make light of this topic from time to time instead of letting the whole topic bring me down so much.

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Love this! I think it's all about the props. In addition to the mask and mirror, here are a few more essential items... Violin - to illicit sympathy Shield - to deflect responsibility Stilts - so he can look down on the rest of us Running shoes - for sudden, hasty retreats Marionette - so he always has something to manipulate Heart attached to a string - so he can hand it out to women at the party, then yank it away unexpectedly and give it to someone else
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Throw on any sheep fur rug as a cape + a wolf mask Wolf in sheep skin. Wolf mask an easy find and rug if there's one at home!
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Narcissist speaks: "My halloween Narc costume would have to include a neckbrace, so that I can assume that haughty air of "i'm all that." Also I'd have to make sure that I'm at the right party, with JUST the right people. Particularly the people who think I'm generous, kind and wonderful. Others might include potential friends who can do stuff for me, or important people for my network. My date is invisible, so it doesn't matter what she wears, because when I'm in public with her, she doesn't exist. Other than that, I'm not required to wear a complete costume, because I'm special. I don't really understand why people think this is fun, because I can't feel anything. Where's that waitress? I'm going to speak to the manager!" Scary costume, huh?
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LOL, my narc only has lowlifes around him, but you would still think he IS KING OF ALL HE SURVEYS.....and there in not a waitress in one place we have ever been together,who he hasent ended up berateing......he was such a DARLING...NOT.
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A blood sucking vampire! The queen from Snow White. Freddy Krugar form a nightmare on elm street lol ( more like a nighmare in Narcville.)
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Are you sure your husband doesn't know the real reason? If you are "obsessed" with a PD, and discuss it with him in great length, wouldn't he wonder why and possibly do he own research? Just a thought..........some times we, as people, tend to underestimate others abilities. far as the costume goes.......she could go as an evil villain, a farm animal, a scary monster, a terrorist, or a psych patient. All of them would fit the bill. I am sure there are more as well! I'm with Hunter, let her be a hotdog!
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If he does know about my abuser he is going to great lengths to hide it. I have no doubt that all of my transgressions will be exposed, either now or on judgement day, but I haven't the strength nor motivation to tell him. Yes, you have hit on a nerve with me, but if you feel I need to explain my story then feel free to PM me anytime as I am very paranoid and don't like to share too much on a page where search engines can index every word you type and where forum members can pose as victims when they may actually be abusers. I am sorry Sparrow, please forgive me for being so defensive, but yes, I live with my guilt heavily and feel like a "Judas" all the time and like someone else said once before...I feel like I am taking on Narc characteristics. I am coming to grips with the fact that I am being emotionally abused by an old acquaintance. I know I have it in me to get out of this mess, but I feel such an urgency to love him unconditionally...yes, I said it so go ahead and bash me. I know this triggers so many other victims on the board and I am so sorry, but I am not one to hold in my thoughts and that usually gets me into trouble. Please forgive me everyone. My abuser told me I tend to be neurotic, and it's scary, but he knows me more than anyone else and that is part of the reason that I cling to him...and he knows that...terrible catch 22. I'm sorry everyone. I am going through a bit of stress right now and dont' handle stress very well. Thanks Sparrow and everyone else for your replies to my post. Somehow I don't feel invisible here.....he even told me I have a lot of self-pity...go figure...doing that right now. Ok, lol I am signing off as I sound like a paranoid schizo...yikes. Love you all. (Can anyone say "Therapy", lol)

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The Narc custom is overused !! Try a Hot Dog instead!:).