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#1 Oct 3 - 9PM
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N picture

Last year my N took me out for my 32nd birthday. We had a great meal, I had a few drinks, and went to my place. He picked up my digital camera and snapped a few pics of me. Wanting to save the memories and knowing there were no pictures of us in exsistence I set the camera to take automatic pictures and said "come on take a picture with me!" he said ok. I sat next to him on the couch, leaned in and put on a big smile never looking at him. I briefly viewed the pictures days later and noticed he wasn't smiling but chaulked it up to a bad picture. When I look at those pictures today I see the real him. He wasn't smiling, had negative body language, and looked like he was miserable. He never even looked at the camera. I looked like an ass smiling because I was happy to be with him. The look in his eyes was cold and unattentive even after we had just spent the entire night laughing and playing. It makes me so sad to know that night and many others was fake and didn't mean a thing to him. I can't wait to get rid of this sickening feeling and ache in my heart. I feel like he was laughing at me behind my back the entire time. Yet I have to fight with myelf everyday not to call.....

Aug 24 - 12PM
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A picture is worth a thousand

Jun 17 - 2PM
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no smile

Jun 13 - 11PM
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My ex was obsessive about photos......

May 23 - 3PM
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Mine had lots of pictures

May 12 - 2PM
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Didn`t want to take pîctures or give cards

Oct 3 - 11PM
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n picture

My exN avoided taking pictures with me but recently texted me a pic of himself and the OW in Vegas. Both smiling as if he was the happiest loser on earth. You can tell he is drunk so lucky her. Like that's going to last!!!!
Oct 9 - 6PM (Reply to #9)
Done sourcing
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Obscure memory...she texted

Obscure memory...she texted me a pic of her skiing last winter, after we had been divorced for at least 3-4 months. Rubbing it in??? It was very telling, I actually appreciate that she sent that to me, trying to be hurtful, but truly validating and revealing of her true complete selfishness and emptiness. They are truly disordered and incapable of emotional committment to anyone but themselves. Thinking about it now, it makes me sad for her. Maybe healing includes compassion. But I still know she is a mean selfish bitch, lol. ds
Oct 3 - 10PM
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Same story with mine

Our first holiday together, I brought my digital camera to his parents' house. I asked his sister to take a couple pictures of us sitting on the couch. It was to be our first couple's photo. When she handed me my camera back, he was not even smiling AT ALL. I had a big grin bc I was so happy, our first holiday together, and we had just moved together after 8 months long distance two weeks prior. He looked mean and miserable. Then I pointed it out, and he took the camera, held it OVER our heads and said he was going to take the pictures. This time, he was all smiles. I kept those pictures just so I could remember it. Sorry you went through that. I totally relate! (((((Hug)))))
Oct 3 - 10PM
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My ex and I have NO pictures

My ex and I have NO pictures together (7yrs) and very picture I have ever seen of him he is NOT smiling! Just has a stupid look on his face like he didn't ever want his picture taken, even in pictures with him and his kids when they were little, he is not smiling
Oct 4 - 12AM (Reply to #6)
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Same NO picture together

3 years together and 2 more years before that as friends. NO picture together not even one. The only "pictures" together are not private. Those are taken as official event coverage by professional photographers for press releases and publicity. He would hold me close to show picture perfect thats all. No real feelings there. In privacy no pictures. Never once on our holidays. He dont want aa he dont want to look so less attractive and youthful as me. I have got a few pictures of him alone. I have throw away and deleted all even emails, texts etc. Nothing left.
Oct 3 - 10PM
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Every picture tells a story

I'm sorry, this is not exactly what you are talking about, but I could not resist the opportunity to share something about pictures. When I asked N for a picture of her, she immediately obliged and gave me a framed portrait that had to have been over ten years old. This picture had been sitting in her living room. How many people do you know that live alone and have framed pictures of themselves in almost every room of their homes? She never asked me for a picture!!!!! A picture tells a thousand words, and every picture tells a story. I am sorry that this was part of your story. These kind of realizations are painful I know, but I think may be necessary. Peace, Rose
Oct 3 - 10PM
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Mine never wanted a picture

Mine never wanted a picture of us together!! However if you said " let me take your picture" He'd pose like he was auditioning for project runway!! Selfish wierdass!!! Hunter
Oct 9 - 9PM (Reply to #3)
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Hunter I know I'm late

on this one, but that sounds familiar! Cruella had HUNDREDS of pictures of herself on Facebook. (huge red flag) Most all of them she took of herself with cell phone camera. Selfish weirdasses!!
Oct 3 - 10PM (Reply to #2)
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Selfish wierdass is right!...

Selfish wierdass is right!... Needless to say when his birthday came 2 months later he disappeared.... Meik...