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A mistake

Ok, so I was in a bad state a couple days ago, and I did a stupid thing. I had found out that N told her dad (he and I were friends) that we broke up due to "poor communication". That's one way to call it when you lead me on for two years until new supply appears and you sneak around with him behind my back before ditching me on the phone one week before my engineering final exams.

So I stated obsessing about what she would be telling our friends. So in a fit I facebook messaged a friend who was the hub of our social circle, wherin I outlined how she did me wrong and mentioned new guy (she knows him from work, she works with my ex). I told her how the N used me for her "anxiety" management, how she never wanted to marry me blah, blah, blah . . . Stupid, but I'm being driven mad as the N gets to tell them her side as they work together, and I never get a chance to defend the truth. (I'm in the next city over for school now full time)

Next day I feel like a complete moron. I send her another short note apologizing for putting my stuff at her. Tell her I was in a state, sorry, won't happen again. I get no response from her at all, N probably warned her about me.

Great, now I look like crazy desparate loser who can't "get over" the dump. F**K

I know, just write off the friends and everything to do with that relationship, no contact, no anything, it's all gone now.

better days to come

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ok, again

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Done sourcing
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Write whatever you feel like

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so true, goldie. thanks for

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Did I write that?

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