Millionaire Matchmaker What Are Your Non-negotiables

OMG, Sunday afternoon, and I just happened to catch the show. I am ODing on the phrase used by the men that the woman (women) must look "Hot"! Give me a break. It plays like narc heaven to me with so many selfish, self-absorbed spoiled princess aholes and their demands like specicfying the man must be "Perfect!" No ifs, ands or buts about it. I don't know which is worse the men or the women with their rediculous requirements.


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Hi No More so true excellent POst!! be blessed K
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The show is really stupid, sometimes you can't fix stupid!! Ever watch Jersey Shore? Now that's Narcville! Anyway I sometimes join in with stupid :) I was watching the show and the matchmaker called this one guy out. She tossed him off the show and called him a narcissist!! Yippie!! She was100% correct! Hunter
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Yes, the show is incredibly stupid...the woman match maker seems just as lame, she can't even help herself find love! I won't hold it against her though. Sometimes it's hardest see ourselves clearly when a situation is obvious to other people. Falling for a narc was one of them. Not my most shining moment. (hanging my head.) My son tried to warn me the narc wasn't right. I look at my son who is the real deal and does have it going on unlike my ex narc! (You can find him on youtube (SoaperGirl's channel). Kev is all man, keeps his word and doesn't play with women's emotions! I wish there more men like him out there! I've kicked myself more times than I care to count for not seeing what was so obvious to others! Why didn't I listen and act so clingy and desperate? The narc wasn't the one "settling". I was! Watching the show, I wondered if it ever addressed narcissism. It is so in your face in that show! Even the match maker complained about men today not keeping their word like calling when they say they will, not showing up on time, being unreliable and flaky. and she was just talking about men in general. 100% correct! I did like seeing her kick one narc "princess" off the show. tip of the iceberg IMO. Amazing the level of stupidity. You are right.
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One thing I am happy for is the way I feel about myself and my body,,,if you don't like it then MOVE ON!!!

I just got involved with the same N for the second time.
What was I thinking? Because I have put myself back to the same point where I am blaming myself again. And for what?
I want to get rid of these feelings again.