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My husband is a severe narcissist. Was diagnosed by a Court Psychologist, during a divorce, and I found out by chance, during a custody hearing. Anxiety and depression meds. helps tremendously, if they take them. Of course he denies the accuracy of diagnosis due to not being done by a real psychiatrist, but believe me, he has all the characteristics. I work in mental health, but never knew about this, even college course in Abnormal Psych didn't go into it. It's like anxiety disorder, bi-polar, borderline personality plus all wrapped into one. When on meds., things are pretty good, when off, (men do this especially when feeling good thinking they no longer need meds.),all I can think of is divorce. Couples counseling is vital. I am on my third marriage, have health problems, and don't want to have to start over, again. He is 62, and I am 54. We just celebrated our 7th anniversary, and have a large combined family. One of his daughters, seems also so classic. There is usually always drama at family get togethers, from before til after, from her, and one of his brothers and a sisters, too. They live at other end of the state, so it's not that often we get together, and the others are much more pleasant to be around. My advice is try to keep holidays, etc. low key, and learn to chose your battles, and when to just not respond, and when to praise. I'll share more, soon.


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Thanks for the info. It's
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Hi LargeMarge, I didn't see your post for some reason until now. Thanks for contributing. I have read that pathological narcissism tends to co-exist with other disorders, such as ocd and bi-polarism, which can be treated with medication. Sounds like progress is being made in treating narcissism. Curious as to what others think and look forward to hearing from you again soon, Marge. Best, Lisa