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Lifting Fog

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Lifting Fog

3 months since the love of my life, the woman I gave up everything and moved across the country for, the woman who's 4 yr old had recently asked if she could start calling me daddy, decided I wasn't very fun.

I was replaced overnight by a taller, younger, richer guy who had been trying to be my "friend" so he could get to her. (She is a semi-famous sexy celebrity). I ended up alone in an extended stay hotel in a rough part of town with no non-mutual friends. I was never even allowed to say goodbye to the little girl, who, I later found out, cried for the first few weeks.

I didn't think I'd make it through, to be honest. What pain. But, after 3 months, and a lot of reading and studying, I'm starting to feel how nice it is to deeply inhale some fresh air and be rid of the whole thing.

I'm sure this is a day by day thing, but, to those who are just freshly out of something like this;

a) Don't do anything crazy. It will pass, you just have to hang in there.

b) Exercise. Really, this is one of the most important things. Put the focus back on yourself.

And that's not being selfish (or narcissistic), it's just being healthy.

The thing I realize now is, that with all the harsh words said about narcissists, in the end, they are just actors (or actresses) putting on a show.

To be fair, it is a really really REALLY great show, and that's why otherwise rational people get hooked in.

And, when the show was over, and we were asked to leave the theater so they could seat the next showing, we took it personally. We didn't want it to end.

But that's all it was. A big show. We have to come back to reality, walk out of the theater, get readjusted to the light of day, and move on with our lives.

Jan 18 - 9PM
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Well said

Jan 18 - 11AM
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You are seeing some you....your life

Jan 18 - 10AM
Done sourcing
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You got hooked by a

Jan 18 - 10AM
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Once you see how addicted we