Keeping on the Right Path

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Keeping on the Right Path

Sorry I' m just making sure I'm not crazy but does anyone else have the problem of not quite believing their narccassist really was one? I'm now over a month and a half of no contact in but I catch myself at times wondering if she really is that manipulative evil and cruel. I've read so much material and her personality and my experience match with a covert narcassist pretty perfectly but I still catch myself not believing it, even after all this time and even after she jumped straight into a relationship with her affair partner without a second thought. Why the hell do I still want anything to do with her and when will the damn roller coaster stop? A fight against it daily but to be honest, so many days it's just overwhelming and I get exhausted. I just want to be happy again.

Apr 17 - 2PM
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Same pattern/Always

Sep 19 - 9AM
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I went through the same thing

Sep 17 - 10AM
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