"just E"

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#1 May 11 - 10AM
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"just E"

How many more "I won't bother you again" emails, texts & phone calls can I expect? Will you still be doing this to me when I'm 80 yrs old? The level of patience and self-restraint that I have maintained while you continue to tell me WHAT YOU WANT is ridiculous.

Here it is:

I don't believe a word, a single word, that you say/type. Right or wrong, that is what YOU have taught me, and it will NEVER change. There is NOTHING that you can say or do to remedy that. So why would you continue to harass someone who feels this way about you? Let it go. I don't believe you, I never will, we're not friends, we never will be.

It's fine if you want to say that you're "just E" but you will need to make some new friends to be "just E" with.

I have no empathy for you or your story that you "miss me." Whether you actually miss me or whether you're completely full of shit makes NO difference. You will have to get used to me not being in your life, because that is a consequence (a VALID and LEGITIMATE consequence) of your actions.

What do normal, emotionally healthy people around you say? Do they think it's cool for you to continually claw & scratch at me even though I have told you a MILLION TIMES to leave me alone? Of course not, because you don't tell them that you do this to me. Because if you did, they would say, "WTF is wrong with you, man?"

So wtf is wrong with you? Nothing, right? It's just that you "miss me." Well, no, it's just that you're obsessive and emotionally unhealthy, so you continue to stir the pot of shit to make sure that I'll never forget about "just E."

You have treated me horribly, including calling me all kinds of names on the phone & text just one month ago. NOTHING about you has changed. You are still the same "just E" that uses your emotional immaturity & lack of self-control to berate & hurt other people and then expects them to forgive your shitty behavior when you say "I'm sorry." Well, "I'm sorry" isn't a blanket do-over, especially when the person has shown that they have learned exactly nothing from the experience. Unconditional love doesn't mean tolerating abuse.

Pretty much everyone I know can't understand why I haven't filed charges against you, and at this point I can't really understand it either. I guess it was the last kindness I had available to me to see if you would do as I asked and just leave me alone. I didn't want to escalate the situation. But there is no kindness left in me now. I am tired of this, I am tired of you. Everyone who legitimately cares for me wants your contact info. They are tired of seeing me drained and suffering because of your selfishness, and I am at the point where I am willing to give it to them.

So don't call me, don't text, don't email, & don't write. I don't want any apologies or explanations. I want NO CONTACT from you.

There is NO legitimate reason that you would have to contact me at this point. You have family, a job & co-workers, call them & stay busy with them. You have one last opportunity to here move forward with your life and leave me the hell alone. LEAVE ME ALONE.