Just another fine example of EVIL

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Just another fine example of EVIL

A couple of days ago I received word that my daughter is very ill. The DEVIL was texting me after no contact, I told him I found out that my daughter is very ill and to please stop texting me and that I am tortured enough in my heart and mind over my daughter. I hope that this helps someone recognize what animals these people are..I hope it aids in someone's healing. Here are the texts he sent me after he found out about my daughter. They were all in the span of one hour.

1)You wouldn't know real love it it kicked you in the face. I wrote you some real shit today and you can't even respond. ok..you fucking win, I'm done with this dumb shit. You are a heartless mother fucker. Don't contact me anymore you selfish mother fucker. You continue to stomp my heart. I am done!

2)You prefer to deal with this alone instead of embracing someone who loves you enough to put HIS hurt aside to be there for you? You are so blind, I will pray for her and I won't bother you.

3)I won't contact you again. Take care.

4)You are evil. I extended myself to you. You are a mental abuser. ENOUGH! I will stay away from you! You are heartless. I am done you sick fuck! Fuck you I don't deserve this!

5)I am getting my PO Box today. I matter! I will not take your emotional abuse anymore! I'm done texting.. I wore my heart on my sleeve with my texts last night and this morning only for you to shit on me again. One day, I will find someone and you will regret discarding me! I hate what you have done to me. I am done! I am not responding or reaching out anymore! I wish I never met you.

6)Just remember how you sit back and let me suffer. Remember all the times you put me to voicemail! I said I still love you and need you and you couldn't respond! Remember how you let your kid curse me out! Remember how you traveled after I left instead of standing by me and working this out! Remember how you sit on your ass knowing I stayed here for US! Remember how you are sitting and let me do a change of address at the post office. Remember all of this when I am no where to be found! I loved you!...Remember that!!

Good material huh? Out of all the NARCS, he is their leader. Life sucks when you are forced to deal with these idiots. I REALLY hope this helps someone realize what these THINGS are.

God bless.

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I'm so sorry

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Your daughter

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Block him.. You have real

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Listen to the Mighty Huntress, dear M...


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Count your blessings you no

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Thank you