Just another broken heart

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Just another broken heart

You came into my life, when I wasn’t looking to be a wife. We talked and laughed, all was new. I told you I had things to do, but you pulled me in. I didn’t have a clue! In a very short time, I was in love with you. Something not quite right, that caused an ache. In my heart I knew you hard a dark side, and my heart you would break. It was like you stuck a knife in my heart and through to a wall, so that I would not fall.
I knew you were not faithful, I felt every affair with the twisting of the knife. The more I questioned, the more control of me you took. Until every thought I had, you put in every nook. I tried so hard not to feel the pain, but the amount of knives did gain. Until the time came when I could no longer breathe and I pulled my body free.
My heart was left hanging, nailed to the wall with all the lies you feign. I wanted my heart back, so I could live and love again. I stayed and begged for truth. You again pulled me in, with all the lies you spew. You made me feel so useless, that I did not deserve a life. You fed me just enough so I wanted more, as you walked out the door.
It took a call from a stranger, which set my heart and body free. Now I am so hurt, confused and angry. Almost seven years has past, since I first met you. For seven years I have been faithful, I feel such a fool! They were all filled with tears and pain and lies. The only thing I am thankful for, with everything I have been through, are my babies two. I am most thankful, that they have nothing from you!
I feel like a champagne cork that has been stuck tight, until it was set free and sent into flight. I am so thankful for the stranger, whose courage set me free, and for my friend, who wouldn’t just let me be. The best revenge is a life well led, I have often heard that said. I plan to laugh and live and love, with a lot of help from above.
My friend is very handsome, loyal and so true. He has the body of Adonis, he is nothing like you! I am very beautiful, funny and so smart, I am wealthy, with a faithful heart! Long hair, full breasts, small waist, nice hips, soft skin and lips. These are things you will never touch, I hope you miss, oh so much! I will give to him the passion of love so true, with the heat of rage that I got from you!

Feb 10 - 9PM
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You are going to make it.

Feb 1 - 8AM
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Get it out!