Idiot's Guide to Cluster B's

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#1 Jul 27 - 11PM
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Idiot's Guide to Cluster B's

,HAD to put this out there.
I found it VERY helpful in the early days of complete confusion and fog. It's pretty much a play by play of how your "relationship" with a PDI will play out. Many Narcs also have strong borderline and almost always share or are comorbid with Histrionics. Mine was a Fragile Narc topped with extra histrionics. You are really really need to read this! For those that are new you need to know what exactly happened to you and why. This article really saved me when I was in the beginnings of my research.

Aug 27 - 8PM
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Thanks for the link. Very helpful and right to the tee. I do believe I left my N, mentally, long before she left me physically. It has taken me 10 months post D&D to realize that. Her D&D was still very painful even though I knew it was coming from the first day of our reconciliation. The 2nd round only lasted 2 years. The 1st was 9 years. I was the only supply available at the time so I was recycled. Thank God, never again.............
Aug 27 - 9PM (Reply to #10)
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I am sorry that happened to you. I have read that it just gets worse each time! Myself I went through two or three D&D, and it with each round the treatment was more and more horrendous. Never again is right! Peace, Rose
Aug 3 - 11AM
58 and going strong
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Thanks so much for sharing!

Thanks so much for sharing! Great article.
Aug 3 - 10AM
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Cluster B's

Hi Rose, I love the name of the site, "waking you up." Perfect name. Thanks for sharing. God bless, Goldie
Jul 28 - 7AM
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Wow, R. This is eerily exact. I'm comforted and freaked out all at the same time. When will I get used to the idea that this disorder follows a predictable pattern? I keep being amazed at the similarities we share on this site and in articles I read (this one was especially concise and spot on). It's almost too much for my brain to take in, so it has to settle into my psyche in small doses. Thanks for this dose, R. Adoette
Jul 28 - 6AM
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Great article!

I have known my N for 11 yrs, suffered through the hell for mb 3 yrs, and NC for 3 months. I still wonder the "how" and "why". This article reiterates and cements what I was dealing with. It reminded me why NC is the only way. Thank God for more wisdom!!!
Jul 28 - 6AM
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Great article! Nailed

Great article! Nailed everything I went through! I have accepted that he never loved me or cared about me. I will never be devalued or discarded like that again! It was inhumane treatment.
Jul 28 - 6AM
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That is probably the best article I've read in a LONG time! Thank you so much for posting! I saved it in my favorites. Sara
Jul 28 - 4AM
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needed this today. i went out, and was triggered time and time again...i came home feeling so desolate...i was going back to bed, but thought i would come on here first and saw this about CLUSTER B....THANK YOU and a THANKYOU TO LISA, AND ALL MEMBERS PAST AND PRESENT FOR HELPING ME COME TO THE PLACE I HAVE COME TO....YES I AM HAVING A BAD DAY, BUT NOW I NOW IT WILL PASS....AND THIS IS A HICCUPXXXXX
Jul 28 - 2AM
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Excellent article! Straight

Excellent article! Straight to the point and exact! New ones to this forum should certainly read this....... Thanks for sharing!