I found this draft email to him when clearing out - it sounds like torture!

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#1 Jan 22 - 11PM
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I found this draft email to him when clearing out - it sounds like torture!

was very upset after Monday and perhaps over reacted

was worried that there would be the retreating and non-communication

why dont you tell me what is wrong then I am upset then you say why cant you just hug me... how can I when I dont know what is wrong but it very obvious you are angry...

something was wrong .. i ask you what you wont tell me but something is still wrong.. then when I try to sort it you say jesus christ rather than just telling me what is wrong

I came up to sort things out which didnt work partly as I was too highly emotional by then

i feel like I cant please you

you are angry with me a lot and for no real reason

I am alone here without support and this doesnt seem to even register with you

you are using my home as a base and sometimes not even showing me basic respect

I find it all a bit contradictory what is ok one minute is not the next

you call me non supportive and say i dont listen but you wont talk and you wont tell me anything and retreat for days/weeks

at least by not talking to you last night there was no further aggrevated upset.

if you are angry with me tell me - it feels like you punish me by ignoring my texts and retreating

Jan 23 - 8AM
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That is interesting to me. I

Jan 23 - 8AM
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ugh i hate reading that kind

Jan 23 - 7AM
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It is torture

Jan 23 - 8AM (Reply to #5)
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gee, so i guess since you're

Jan 23 - 7AM
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I could've written this exact

Jan 23 - 3AM
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So familiar..

Jan 23 - 8AM (Reply to #2)
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yes, thanks for your comments