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How do I get out??

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#1 Jul 9 - 6PM
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How do I get out??


So glad I found this site, it has confirmed my greatest fears that I have wasted my last 6 years with an N,

I am looking for any tips any strategies that I could use to break away from this situation. I cannot at this time get into the whole story but it is so familiar with lots of others posted here. She has controlled me for too long. She has put me down, put my kids down, has very few if any friends, has verbally told me repeatedly that I am the one who has all the issues and has told me to go ask anyone else thy will tell me I am wrong and she is right. The eggshell feeling is consistent. I have lost many relationships because of her. She has also given me 20k of debt.

I own the house and we re not married, thank goodness. How can I possibly tell her and stick to it that I am right and she is wrong. She has got to leave here and me alone forever! I'm scared that
I am still so emotionally attached cause I still get so angry at her every time se puts me down..

There is so much about identifying an n, but very little on how to actually break apart and keep myself safe and in control.

Help and thank you!

Jul 19 - 10AM
Steel Hibiscus
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How do I get out

Jul 10 - 9PM
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Hello Fordan

Jul 9 - 8PM
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Similar boat