HOPE/ CD/ doubt/ the gift of truth/lessons and GRATITUDE

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HOPE/ CD/ doubt/ the gift of truth/lessons and GRATITUDE

I had this dream last night..and it ended with.. "hold on a while longer."
I hope,
That you understand that, without doubt, your loving qualities anger evil. I HOPE you Know that the goal is to separate your best from you. To wear you down and be tempted to succumb to the pressure and confusion.To be robbed. WHile you are defending and weakening,...the IMPORTANT things in life will go neglected or barely sustained.YOU are an important thing...despite what LIES you've been fed.Believe the LIES, and Your personal growth will be stunted.

Through sick eyes..you will be defined.YOU will become confused. You will be working on improving/fixing what isn't broken.. IT WILL EXHAUST YOU physically,mentally and emotionally. The things in you that NEEDed growth will fall by the wayside.Throughout our lives we are constantly growing...especially those of us who have had painful or confusing childhoods.THEIR GOAL is to destroy your heart, your ability to trust , your ability to find the truth, to stop you from becoming who you were meant to be..TO DOUBT what LOVE looks like. To focus on blaming yourself rather than the TRUTH. The TRUTH IS that YOU have been a target of evil( of wrong, of disordered warped minds).It wants you to focus on it, work for it because it knows your goodness, it knows you aren't perfect but it does know you LOVE, care and trust. IT tries to re-define those qualities and their meaning and their USE. It needs someone like you but yet it sets out to destroy what it needs.You know this is true and it MAKES no sense! It cares nothing about you. It cannot understand Love. It only understands NEED, sick need, it's own.

The goal is for you to FOCUS on it and nothing ELSE. FEAR it and need it. The ultimate goal is to get you to DOUBT the truth. AS long as you do..you are paralyzed and cannot grow or save yourself from it.

STAY away from it...CLING to only those who will tell you the truth. THE DOUBT will HOLD you paralyzed.Stay away or THE LIE will suck you back in and destroy all that you are...and could have been. It will consume your life and thoughts.In essence you will be working for and supporting the LIE...but you won't be sure, you'll stay confused.If you KNEW it was evil..would you CHOOSE to serve it? NO! IF you KNEW, without DOUBT that it was SICK and demented would you feel bad about getting away from it? NO! It's that DOUBT or cognitive dissonance that keeps us in confusion. DO THE WORK..FIND OUT. IF you aren't sure..stay away until you are.

Try to NOT focus on HOW or why they are this way.THEY ARE. DISORDER? DEFECT? genetic or learned? Does it matter? If God chooses to give them up to how they are..who are YOU to think that YOU can change it? "and from these walk away"
Don't focus on what mistakes you made..YOU are human and were made weak by the evil/disordered. When you are stronger..I trust that you will do better next time.

If we believe that we can control everything, fix everything, WE are thinking in sharp contrast to what the Highest power tells us. He says THIS is what WILL happen and things WILL be like...and He adds NO further burden on us..but to KNOW it, Believe it, avoid it and tell HIS people to STRENGTHEN others of HIS people...especially those who are slipping away and are discouraged.

FOCUS on those who are still GOD'S...before they slip away.
For every moment that you FOCUS on the LIES...someone somewhere who has heart is slipping away. IT may be YOU.

If you survive this and finally see the truth..you WILL be forever changed. YOU will know what evil looks like and will be stronger in that respect.I KNOW it's a shame that we were NOT taught to recognize this kind of evil/sickness. BUT you are being taught NOW. BECAUSE YOU are an EMPATH...YOU will automatically protect and warn others. Regardless of the risk...you WILL.Crazy, paranoid, unforgiving?.. it's all lies to shut you up. Helping,caring.... It is second nature to YOU.

You will tell it..in clinical terms OR spiritual terms. Either way it is a PATH to the truth,life, freedom, growth and strength. THIS is LOVE.

Love works in mysterious ways... HERE on the Path Forward, it is saying...WHATEVER HAPPENS, DON'T LET GO OF MY HAND.

LISA, GOLDIE, the MODS and Many Members are reaching out a hand to YOU. Each with their own experience and some are still struggling themselves YET they are GIVING all they have to HOLD out that hand to YOU who are drowning and about to go under. TAKE hold and hold on for just a while and TRUST. EACH one speaks in their own way.Each brings a different GIFT to the table. When you find LIGHT...let it warm you and guide you...before your own is extinguished.

GO NC, take advantage of the WISDOM here.Allow your self to rest, heal and trust that for the first time in your life..YOU are not alone and it's ok to lean on someone else.Learn WHAT to TRUST again..especially YOURself and your instincts.YOU know it's ALWAYS been there.

The TRUTH will set you free...reach out for it. It is being offered by those who LOVE...in MANY forms.

When I am weak,and others try to suck me back down..PLEASE remind me of this TRUTH.WE all need to be reminded of LOVE by action, word or deed. It keeps us moving forward.

If you aren't being offered GOOD things in your life,like you are here...please reconsider those relationships and look for those that LOVE.KNOW the difference by allowing yourself to experience what the real deal is like.The evil/disordered does not want that for you...because YOU will KNOW the TRUTH and no longer choose the lie.Evil does NOT want you to be free.

In gratitude for those who held out their hand to me..and the ONE who sent them.

I believe,