I will list some traits I have found in the Loser-I-Am-Divorcing:
1. Obsessive grooming
2. Likes doing solitary activities when at home
3. No, I mean No friends
4. Likes really graphic porn
5. Abandons you when you are not feeling well or are injured
6. Shows no emotions beside anger
7. Doesn't look at you when speaking
8. Always claims you are judging him.
9. Lies, and actually believes his own lies
10.Others who only know him casually think he is a "nice guy"
11.Wants to climb the corporate ladder until he reaches the top
12.Sees women as needy and neurotic
13.Bad temper/short fuse
14.Obsessed with exercise
15. Strong sense of entitlement
16. Poor or no relationship with mother/father/sisters/brothers
17. Homophobic and/or latent homosexuality

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never listens or asks about you always talks about himself smokes pot to make himself feel better claims to be a sex addict has no friends his family would disown him if it wasnt for his son obsessed with telling stories about sex or any story that involves him lies and beleives it addicted to porn (graphic) Others who only know him casually think he is a "nice guy" is SUPER insecure, and its so obvious He is actually not a neat freak, he just cleans so others dont think he dirty, but could live in a mess. Hes lazy Hes forgetful Hes delusional...thinks he will be rich someday DOESNT HAVE A STEADY JOB or CAR. Its very not successful needs his family to keep him organized beleives he is a guru OMG - I have to stop now!
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- never keeps his promises to anyone - lies & believes them - doesn't have a pot to piss in or window to through it out of - works constantly, makes good $ & yet has nothing - likes porn - huge on masturbating yet never wanted to have sex - big pothead - horrible temper/ throws tantrums - major road rage - slob - absolutely no job stability - has zero friends - no relationship with family, not even parents - its always someone elses fault! - geez, I'll stop now. Makes me want to throw up!
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OMG my narc thinks he is a guru his favorite sayings is " im just trying to help you " or "you have got to learn " LEARN WHAT ? the sad wanker , he makes me sick tonight . Scoop
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well, I'll join you and will add on to what you've written. 1. obsessive cleanliness - personal and in the house. But he will yell at others to clean up while he leaves his stuff laying around. 2. likes being around others especially when he has purchased something new to show them 3. quite a few friends. I used to beg him to treat me like them 4. will take 3 magazines and gets annoyed if you ask for 1 5. abandons family when they aren't feeling well or injured 6. shows anger, frustration, feigned happiness when drinking, annoyance 7. either doesn't look at you or does when behaving in a threatening way 8. always claims I'm judging him 9. lies so much he even believes them 10. others think he's a great guy 11. climbing corporate ladder while ignoring his family 12. sees his wife, not ALL women, as a pain in the butt and makes sure she's aware of it 13. rages frequently and then makes like nothing happened 14. exercises too much and takes supplements 15. entitled to the point of invading my privacy, taking things out of my purse, taking my cell phone out of my hand to see who I'm talking to, etc. 16. poor or no relationship with his family, except his mother thinks he's a God. 17. contradictory - has an opinion one day and then changes it depending on situations. 18. what new people he meets like to do, he likes to do. I could go on and on and on....
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Hope more people will list actual traits. We could compile a list of traits that are common to all lists. Could be interesting. I will add: Very athletic Good-looking Workaholic Walks in front of spouse Makes disgusting noises when eating and doesn't care Impulsive- acts before thinking Highly Intelligent Excels at math Avoids confrontation(I know that seems counter-intuitive but he does)
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ok, more - this is bringing alot of stuff to the surface and, for me, it helps me to continue to remember what this guy is. - answers questions that someone else asked of me - if I voice an opinion, he makes it clear that it is the wrong one - acts like he knows everything there is to know about everything and I wonder if anyone knows he came upon this education by spending an hour in the bathroom reading Time magazine - goes on and on about what a great cook he is but would not compliment me on anything new I tried - if you make something with cheese in it he says, childishly, "eeewwwww!! yuk!!" - put his hands over his ears to let me know he didn't want to hear what I had to say He is such a jerk.
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My narcs traits . 1 .he is a TWAT 2 .he is a WANKER 3 .he is a BASTARD 4 .he is a F**KER I could go on but you get the jist . Man alive im having a angry day! Will this roller coaster ever end ? Im so tired . Scoop x
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Hey! Thats MY guy! LOL
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But is he a CHICKEN F****er?? lol There is some line (from Scrubs I think) that described some people as bastard-coated bastards with a bastard filling. How bout that, Scoop, does that sum it up?
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Lmao better off, love that line!
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I love that saying it sums it up ,spot on ! Mallorys narc is the chicken fucker (its a beautiful thing ) I do feel in touch with my power at the moment ,bring it fucking on !! Scoop x
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Near your turkey or he'll fuck that too! Thats about as disgusting as my exN eating pizza while taking a crap! Eww!
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don't forget - we have: PoultryPete (ChickenF*cker) and PapayaPaul (yes I said PAPAYA) they are ridiculous, non-human parasites ~~~~~~~~~~~~ My Abuse Information Site Online Coaching & Help
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LOL Barbara Poor papaya :(