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Help please...

Morning ladies. So i havent posted my story yet, but i left the N 5 months ago. He has NOT made any contact since then. Which i now believe to be a blessing!!

When i left i just wanted to get out ASAP, so i basically left everything i owned, furniture, DVD player, etc... not uber expensive stuff but totaling maybe a $ 800-1,000. I honestly had no where to put it when i left as i was couch hopping for a few weeks. Also i figured fuck it man, i just want to get out of here lol! We were together 2 years, lived together for 1.

On my final departure he was in his room laughing away with his friends online and basically ignoring me, no surprise but it hurt like hell. Man, looking back i cant believe i actually went through with it without losing my mind. Well, i guess i did as i was driving away, i literally felt my heart breaking...ugh.

Back to the question. A few days before, i left in a moment of stupidity ( maybe even trying to back out of the decision) i wrote the bastard a very kind letter (short) Stating the usual, thank you for all youve done, the memories will be cherished, i wish you all the best, etc...Pukefest now to me.

The final part of the letter i mentioned that i felt i owed him some $ due to some mutually incurred expenses. Hotels, dinners, etc...i stated i would pay him back these monies in increments. He did not comment at all about the letter, nothing good, nothing bad, ST was HUGE for him.

When i lved with him i paid my rent on time (400) and most of the groceries AND the electric bill. BTW, his house payment was only 550 lol!!

I have not emailed him for one month now, and before that only texted twice, very short, nothing serious.

Sorry for all the rambling girls. So heres the i email him with the compromise of since i left everthing i dont feel it would be apropiate for me to give him any promised $ or do i just send it? Its about 200 bucks.

I have never welched on a financial promise. But i really regret the offer and dont feel its deserved. At the same time i can hear him saying "See i told she is this or that, blah, blah, blah."

Ideas and thoughts appreciated. My CD gets better everyday BTW, thank you Lisa, Goldie, and the rest of you for being here. I truly in my heart wish you happy healthy lives.


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Thanks u guys! and girls lol!
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I think hunters right wildfilly
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been there too...
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This is not about him, it is
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right after i sent it...
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How about
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Its an uber nice car too!
Done sourcing
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If you will lose sleep over
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great idea!
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You need to ask yourself what
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Increments v excrement
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exactly what hunter
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I wouldn't send him a penny.